Race Results


Chicago Marathon-4:02

Alamo 13.1-1:57

Republic of Texas Half Marathon-1:47 (1st AG)


BCS Half Marathon- 1:47

NYC Marathon- 4:01

Marathon2Marathon Half Marathon- 1:47 (1st woman overall)

Nutrabolt Half Marathon – 1:49 (2nd AG)

Buffalo Stampede Half Marathon- 1:51 (2nd AG)

Diva Galveston Half Marathon- 1:54

Republic of Texas Half Marathon- 1:45 (1st AG)

Girls Want To Have Fun 5K-21:54 PR (1st AG)

Texas 10 5 mile-39:04 (1st AG)

Houston Marathon-3:55:15


BCS Marathon-3:48:04 PR

Women Rock 10K, 5K and 2K- 46:30; 23:17  (Second place overall for each race)

Texas 10 mile Katy- 1:18 (1st AG)

Nutrabolt Half Marathon-1:44:07 (1st AG)

Texas 10 mile Fort Worth-1:09:23 (2nd AG)

Texas 10 mile Huntsville-1:25:02 (2nd AG)

Diva Half Marathon Galveston- 1:50:58

Girls Wanna Have Fun 5 K-22:17 (1st AG)

Armadillo Dash-1:44 (1st place AG)

Texas 10 mile College Station-1:21:56 (1st AG)


BCS Half Marathon 1:54:43

BCS 5 and Dime-1:19:36 (2nd AG)

BCS 10K- 51:38 (2nd AG)


Athleta Irongirl Half Marathon, Columbia MD-1:58:58

Baltimore Half-Marathon-2:05:40

Philadelphia Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon-2:06:29