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Runderful: Houston Marathon Training Wk 3

Believe it or not, we had a chilly week here in TX as much of the rest of the country. The "deep freeze" as they called it in the local paper was one day of temps in the 30s overnight. Brrrr. Yes, I am officially a cold wimp. Hard to believe that after 40+ years… Continue reading Runderful: Houston Marathon Training Wk 3

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NYC Marathon Training Week #9

"The journey isn't always perfect, but always worth taking." Kara Goucher This quote has been oh-so-true this marathon training season. I went into the season with some good goals, a solid base of fitness, a plan for training, and got started with getting it done. Then, I started the season off with touch of PF, added a dash… Continue reading NYC Marathon Training Week #9

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Diva Half Marathon Race Recap

Last week, we had a lot of rain, as I'm sure you've heard. Houston got 18 inches of rain in 24 hours. The flooding was awful, and 8 people died, mostly after getting trapped in their cars when they drove into roads that were submerged. Thankfully, our area got a lot of rain, but not… Continue reading Diva Half Marathon Race Recap

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5 Texas Halfs I Want to Run

There's so many races to choose from, so it's hard to narrow things down. I'm fairly new to Texas, being here just over a year and a half, so I haven't gotten the chance to see and explore as many places as I would like, so what better way to revisit a favorite place or see a new… Continue reading 5 Texas Halfs I Want to Run

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Brand M’ambassador

Since I started this blog and reading more blogs, I've noticed the number of bloggers who are brand ambassadors. What a cool idea! It would be a wonderful way to share the things I love to wear and use in running with other runners. And that's often the best way we find out about things, right?… Continue reading Brand M’ambassador