Friday Five

Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing

Miss me? With the stress fracture and the end of the year, there wasn't a whole lotta blogging going on because I took the opportunity to take a break from blogging to devote time to family. But, don't worry! I'm back. 🙂 I'm writing this Friday Five 2.0 post linking up with Fairytales and Fitness and Running on… Continue reading Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing

Friday Five, Runfessions

June Runfessions

  I'm joining Marcia for her monthly Runfessions link-up--a time of cleansing and confessing. 🙂 Check out her awesome blog and others! I runfess that this is my first time linking up with the link-up and I was supposed to do it yesterday and I'm already a day late. 😩 I'm barely keeping my eyes above the water lately...… Continue reading June Runfessions

Friday Five

They Might Be Giants

This Friday Five post is all about some special women in running history. It's certainly not all inclusive--that would take volumes! As the 50th anniversary of Bobbi Gibb's amazing marathon debut approaches next week, I've been thinking of Gibbs and so many women who have shown courage and character in the face of adversity. This list is just a… Continue reading They Might Be Giants

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5 Texas Halfs I Want to Run

There's so many races to choose from, so it's hard to narrow things down. I'm fairly new to Texas, being here just over a year and a half, so I haven't gotten the chance to see and explore as many places as I would like, so what better way to revisit a favorite place or see a new… Continue reading 5 Texas Halfs I Want to Run

Friday Five

5 Myths about Supplements

In the past, some runner friends and I have talked about taking herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements for better health or improved recovery. Getting opinions or advice from our friends has been helpful on occasion, and a family member recently recommended another supplement to me. When it comes to supplements, I'm wary of taking them because I want to make sure they're… Continue reading 5 Myths about Supplements