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What the Fake?


Y’all…I’ve been reading a little on the web about fakestagramming…who knew there was a word? I knew what it was right away. In the world of social media, I think we’re all keenly aware that some people want to portray themselves a certain way. No filter is actually a lot of smoke and mirrors. The struggle is real for all of us. I’m glad to be part of a blogging community that values authenticity. We all cheer each others’ successes and encourage each other in our struggles. And as far away as many of you are from Texas, I’m grateful for the support and encouragement as I put yesterday behind me and move forward toward a better tomorrow.

And I think you know by now, I’m pretty real on my social media. I mean, it doesn’t get more real than this pic above. No filter. This week was a mix of good and bad. I think my expression sums it up.

First, the good stuff!

Another week of training under my belt with this 8 week training cycle. Less than 2 weeks to go to the California International Marathon!! I think I’m still in shock that Thanksgiving is this week. Hello?? Where did the rest of November go?? This will be my first holiday without my kids, so…I’m preparing for that mentally.

So, to prepare for the race, I’ve been working on my marathon playlist. After not running with music for the first three marathons, I’ve learned that if I’m running by myself, music definitely helps in miles 20-26, so I’ve been running a lot with my Aftershokz Trekz Air headphones. I love them. They’re super lightweight, but even better, I don’t have to mess with uncomfortable earbuds. I hate wearing earbuds. I have never found earbuds that fit my ears and don’t pop out. And if they don’t pop out it’s because they’re wedged so far into my ear that they’re not only uncomfortable, but I’m sure I’m causing hearing loss. Last week, I sIMG_4972
aw Thor Ragnorok with my kids. Have you seen it? I LOVED it, as I do most superhero movies (and Chris Hemsworth is super hot). There are two scenes in particular that feature Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song.” I hadn’t heard the song in years  and knew it had to be ton my playlist. Just makes me feel like I can conquer the world or at least 26.2 miles of it. 🙂 I’ve been playing that song all.week.long. Eventually, the kids told me, “Can we please listen to something else?”

My workouts at the beginning of this week were good. Despite running 22 miles last Saturday, I felt pretty good. I had a heavenly massage to help get rid of a hip tweak that was bothering me.

Monday: Easy 6 miles

Tuesday: 3x1200s with warm up (total 6 miles)

And…the not so good stuff:

I’m not sure what happened between Tuesday and Thursday, but I was SO tired.

Thursday: 6 mile progression was supposed to be tempo, but nope.

Friday: Easy 6 was fine, but I could feel my legs were tired.

Saturday: 16 miles was really, really hard mentally. I was supposed to do the majority in MP, but 16 mph winds, 72 degrees and 99% humidity made for one leg speed that was nowhere near MP.

I’ve been in marathon training since June, so it’s no surprise that my body is tired. There’s nothing to be fake about–it’s hard! But I really tried to get more sleep and eat more, but nothing has changed in terms of energy. I’m trying to pamper myself a little more because I’ve underestimated the toll that other life stuff is taking on me, I think.

One thing that I have really struggled with lately is negative self-talk. If I’m slow on a day, I’m like, I’m never gonna get the goal pace… If I don’t eat well, I’m like wow, I have no self-discipline. Then, I see people post on IG and FB about crossfire, weightlifting, transformations and and mind-blowing number of races with blistering paces and crazy mileage and washboard abs…Need I say more? I’m not saying all posters are fakers, but I will say that it’s hard not to compare myself. All at once, it’s inspiring and discouraging because comparison is the thief of joy, isn’t it? When these negative thoughts creep in, I try to keep focusing on my pathway by looking at some Bible verses I’ve written on index cards that point me back to truth. I think about how my past is leading to a better future, because I know it is, and all THIS, this will be for my benefit.

But, I also know that negative self-talk starts as kids, and my kids will sometimes say things about themselves that make me wonder where it comes from… AND a few of my closest friends struggling with it too. I want my kids (and my friends too) to know that no matter how they feel about themselves, they are awesome in God’s eyes. So, I made this graphic to put in my kids’ rooms and on my mirror:


And, to help with all that self-negativity, I’ll continue to run, pray and enjoy friends, and all the wonderful things in my life. Because there really is so much blessing in my life. Race day is what it will be, goals or no goals. It will be my 5th marathon in less than 2 years–and that is something because once upon a time, I never, ever wanted to run a half marathon and never, ever thought I COULD.

What do you do to fight the negative self-talk? I’m linking with Holly and Tricia for the weekly Wrap-up!


28 thoughts on “What the Fake?”

  1. Since I read that book Mindful Running (I posted a review on my blog), I’ve worked really hard on that negative self-talk. Shoulders back! Look ahead, not inward…it’s a great read. I still have it on my coffee table and I may need to read it again.

    Immigrant song, huh? I think I need that one so I can sing that chant! Ah-ahhhhhh-ah! Because I do come from the land of the ice and snow…


  2. I definitely struggle with negativity when I don’t hit paces.A lot of runners seem to be really chill about that, and maybe someday I will be, too. But I do know that I can struggle towards the end of a training cycle and that’s just for a half — so just trust your training.

    We say Thor today. I enjoyed it, but didn’t think it was great. But Chris is definitely easy on the eyes. 🙂


  3. Ha! The Immigrant song is on my Ipod! We have seen the movie School of Rock hundred (literally) of times, and that’s where that song first caught my attention. I agree…social media is tricky…..I’m always a little skeptical of the “perfect” images I see and all of those “faster-than-fast” splits LOL I applaud other’s accomplishments, but it’s nice to see a few of their struggles to know they are indeed real.


  4. I would expect fatigue to be normal at this point. It won’t hurt for you to skip a run here and there if you need the extra rest. I need some new running songs. My list has gotten really stale. New songs always seem to put a pep in my step. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks for linking!


  5. Unfortunately, I am prone to negative-self talk. My week was filled with it. I try to combat it with writing down one thing that I like about myself or that I accomplished for the day, no matter how silly it is. Thanks for being real 🙂


  6. I’m 100% prone to negative self talk and I work everyday to stop doing that to myself but it’s a huge struggle. A lot of times I still struggle with that fact “am I runner” because my times are so slow compared to others. I know that’s complete BS and I will get out of that mindset eventually!


  7. Oh yes, so much fake on IG. So many people manipulating their accounts to “appear” popular to brands and that’s all it is: fake appearance. Wow CIM totally crept up! Heck this whole year flew. Hang in there with your child-free Thanksgiving. I can only imagine how tough that will be. Hugs!


  8. Everything about this is just beautiful! I will be honest and say that this new ‘phase’ of life (menopause) has caused a lot of negative self talk towards my body lately as it changes right before my eyes. It also makes me question daily whether or not I will actually be able to complete this marathon. I think I’ll print your graphic if you don’t mind and put it on my dresser mirror. Thanks for being transparent ….it’s inspiring!


  9. I definately fall into the negative self talk trap… it’s a hard habit to get out of! I love this graphic, I hope you don’t mind if I share with my nephew and nieces.


  10. I loved the Thor movie and that song 🙂 I added it to my playlist for the Avengers half marathon since it fit so perfectly. And I’ve been struggling with the negative self talk lately too. I haven’t found a solution but I’ve been working on trying to at least be aware of it so I can shut it down earlier before it spirals.


  11. I struggle a lot with negative self-talk, especially this year after dealing with so many injuries. I love the graphic you created – I may need to borrow this!

    So funny that you mentioned Immigrant Song – my youngest son has been playing it non stop lately (don’t know why) but I’ve been thinking I need to add it to my play list 🙂


  12. I love the graphic you made 🙂 May I steal and put on my computer at work?
    You should be feeling fatigued!! That is a lot of running lol Running does not come easy to me, I have struggled through many injuries and have capsilituis in my toes so I have discomfort. I struggle with envy a bit when I see friends on Instagram running day after day and crushing it, but we all have our journey. I try very hard to appreciate the good moments, that is all we can do. I do feel a sense of happiness when I see someone post a sweaty happy selfie after a run because I know how good that feels. I try to weed through what seems fake. Point of all that…I think many of us struggle against the negative self talk.
    Hopefully the weather will cooperate for you marathon! You have great raining behind you 🙂


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