Weekly Wrap-up

This Boot Was Made for Walkin’


A lot of fun things happened this week in the Weekly Wrap…but sadly not much running… Why?

Remember that on and off nagging foot pain I’d been writing about. Well, let me clarify, I’ve had PF in my left foot that had been flaring with my increasing Houston marathon training mileage and really didn’t get a break after NYC marathon. I was diligently doing calf and foot exercises, lunges, and squats to keep on top of that nasty bugger of an injury, but way back in October, my right foot had developed the tiniest pain on the top of the foot. I assumed it was tendonitis, checked the mileage on my shoes, did more exercises (HIIT anyone?!?), and that seemed to make it angrier. I took days off and decreased my mileage a little, and it seemed to help a little. It wasn’t a constant pain, so you know? Rehab and such and it’s ok. I had a little bit of that pain when I ran NYC, but again, nothing that would set off alarms. Aches and pains here and there are normal when you’re training for a marathon. Right?
So, if you remember, Sunday I ran my last half marathon of the year, my 13th overall, and was still feeling the high of running with friends.
Monday: Easy 5 miles
Monday, I also got some great news! I got into the Chicago Marathon lottery! Woohoo! I am really excited about running this race.
Tuesday: 3×1 mile intervals with 1 w/u and c/d.
As soon as I slipped my shoes on, I could feel something in my shoe. I had this feeling before, but kind of ignored it and assumed the tendonitis was flaring. This time, the pain wouldn’t go away. I got to the track. Took off my shoes and replaced. Still there.  Then, I did it again. No luck. Well, a quick warmup ought to get rid of that. The warmup did nothing and then I headed into the intervals at a pretty good clip, but the pain only got sharped with increasing speed. I finished two intervals and did the last one at marathon pace, and then ran a mile cooldown and called it quits. I knew it wasn’t tendonitis, and I had to go to the doctor.

So, on Tuesday morning, I got in to see the podiatrist and came out with this.


Yep, and my suspicions were confirmed. It’s a stress fracture of the metatarsal (the bones connecting to the toes to the foot). Boo. The bad:

  • No running for 4 weeks. I have to walk in this boot for at least 3 weeks.
  • Houston is a failure to launch. I had to cancel.
  • No biking or foot-related exercises for a bit

The good?

  • I caught it early, and it could be much worse.
  • Recovery time is grand: wine and more time for cooking what I want rather than what there’s barely enough time for.


  • With my last race last weekend, I was READY for the end of the year so to keep training into January was kind of wearing on me when my body was begging for rest. This is God’s way of saying I needed a break! Hubby’s travel and working late has been nonstop since I got off the plane from NYC (I wish I was exaggerating!!), my work has been busy wrapping up end of the year projects, and the SLEW of emails in my inbox at this time of year saying, do this at school and chip in for this, donate to this gift exchange, or make these cupcakes, and craft this….I thought my head was going to pop off. ALL good things, really good things, and I love giving my time and energy, but seriously, more than once I Googled “therapist.”
  • I’ve been sleeping more, and I feel more rested than ever! It was no lie that with more training, I was feeling tired, but I’ve been running on less than 6 hours of sleep. So, I wasn’t giving my body the time it needed to heal!
  • Time to think about new training as this year ends.

So, a whopping 12 miles for the week with biking! 🙂

Believe, me when this boot comes off, I’ll be back out there in no time. In the meantime, I’m doing some core and arms, but taking it easy for the next two weeks to respect the healing process. The doc said, well, you could NOT wear the boot and make this much worse, or you could wear it and be back to running in a shorter amount of time. Um…I choose B.

This week, I got the Runday racerback tank from Getonyourmarq through a giveaway. I was super excited because I hadn’t ever won anything in an IG giveaway. Yay! I’ll wear this someday…just not today when it’s 30 degrees!


Friday, we had our Runegades end of the year party. I had so much fun, I didn’t take one picture! Honestly, I’m so bad! But, I LOVE our group and all the things we did this year. We had a nice turnout almost 30 people, laughed and chatted for hours, and ate three different tacos (what else?) from one of our favorite taco restaurants: BBQ brisket, chile-rubbed chicken, and portable mushroom. OH MY. They were dee-lish! I loved getting to see everyone in the light and in nice non-workout clothes! It’s been fun getting to know the new people in our group.

And, I Christmas came early! I exchanged gifts with some of my besties and got some fun goodies. I got this wooden sign from Eleventh Street Lettering. Isn’t it pretty? I love it in my office. I’m going to think about the layout of my wall hangings in there before I decide on a permanent home, but for now, I like this spot.  img_2950

So, that’s my week! How was yours?? Any surprises? Did Christmas come early for you?

 I’m wrapping up this week with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap-up! THANK YOU SO MUCH for hosting this, ladies! I’m very thankful!

26 thoughts on “This Boot Was Made for Walkin’”

  1. Oh bummer about the boot! It’s so hard to distinguish between nagging running aches/pains and the beginning of an actual injury. It’s good you caught it when you did. This is definitely a good time of year to back off the training a bit!


  2. This was my exact injury last year (3rd metatarsal). It’s the one that sent me to the pool for hours upon hours of pool running and on top of the bike for hundreds of miles to save my Disney marathon registration. I was told a good stiff running shoe would suffice and was allowed to go without “the boot”. As you know, there are plenty of options for retaining fitness during this *blip* on your radar. Good luck. I hope you heal very quickly! Thanks for linking, Sonia!


  3. I know you’re putting a good face on it, but I’m sure it still sucks. But sometimes we’ve really got to rest. Sometimes we get stronger for it! My running buddy has been out for MONTHS due to injury & personal stuff & it sounds like that won’t happen to you — sending you healing vibes!


  4. Sorry to read this. Luckily you caught it early.
    I think our bodies try to tell us things and often we try to ignore them. Glad you listened before it was too late. Enjoy the time off.

    Since NYC I am only running 2 times a week and doing other things 3 or 4 other days. My body is thanking me.


  5. Oh Sonia. I’m sorry to hear this. But you’re making the best of it and that’s going to take you far. It WILL be a welcome rest. And you WILL come back stronger. Many many healing thoughts coming your way!


  6. Argh, I’m so sorry to hear about your injury! A few years ago I had a stress fracture in one of my metatarsals but it took SO long to recover. Glad you are resting and following the doctor’s orders!


  7. Oh Sonia, I’m so sorry about your foot! I missed last weeks WW (life just got in the way) and I didn’t see your link on this week’s so I cam looking for you! 🙂 I know this is so disappointing but it sounds like you are making the best of the forced, and much needed, rest. I’ve had a stress fracture in the same place before …didn’t wear a boot but did take off from running and it took mine 6 to 8 weeks to heal. So you are wise to wear the boot! My appointment with the ortho is tomorrow and hopefully will have a verdict regarding my ankle…who knows, I may be sporting one of those fashionable boots myself! Best wishes for 2017!


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