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Runderful: Houston Marathon Training Wk 3


Believe it or not, we had a chilly week here in TX as much of the rest of the country. The “deep freeze” as they called it in the local paper was one day of temps in the 30s overnight. Brrrr. Yes, I am officially a cold wimp. Hard to believe that after 40+ years of East Coast winters, I shiver when it’s in the 50s. 🙂 But, it’s been fun to un-earth all my cold weather running gear that just a month ago I thought I would have to donate.


I also registered for another half in February. They had bonanza registration open up at 6 am on Friday starting at $1. So….yes, I had to jump on that. I got in for a $1!!!!

Around here it’s Christmas central as I finally got my holiday decorations up both inside and outside with the hubby’s help. It’s the most wonderful time of year. The kids are excited about the holiday and all my family is coming to visit.

My week of running was pretty good as well. After my 20 miler last Sunday, I woke up on Monday with two sore feet. My PF has been acting up on one foot (same foot as before), and my other foot has developed some tendonitis. I decided to take the day off, and I felt better. I’m still feeling sore with both feet, but it’s manageable. I’m just hoping to get to the Houston marathon in January healthy.

Here’s my week of running:

Monday: off

Tuesday: 1000 m intervals. Was able to hit 6:45/min for some of these, and 7:00 for the others.

Wednesday: yoga

Thursday: 6 miles

Friday: 5 miles

Saturday: 3~ish miles

Sunday: BCS Half marathon

Total miles: 37.5

Sunday was the highlight of my week. The BCS (Bryan College Station) Marathon and Half Marathon is the local race in town that benefits a couple of charities including Mercy Project, an organization that rescues children from slavery in Ghana. Racers get a tech shirt at packet pickup and a finisher’s jacket this year (specific to half or full) plus a nice spread of food (tacos, pizza rolls, strawberry pastries, frozen margaritas, local craft beer, chocolate milk, Gatorade, and more). I really wasn’t that excited about it at first because I’ve been so focused on Houston and how my miles have not been what they should.

But, I got more excited as the week went on about running my last half of the year (#6 this year) and because there were several people in my running group running their first marathon.



Here’s my BRF and I at the start!

These are some of the people in my group! A bunch of awesome dedicated runners.

I saw a couple of my friends out on the course cheering for their relatives. I love this picture.


Temps started in the 50s with a slight breeze and a little drizzle. Not bad at all. My BRF and I weren’t running together because she ran 5 miles before the race to get a long run done. But I ran the race with another friend (above in yellow) who is usually much, MUCH faster than me but is coming back from being injured. We agreed that although a PR would be nice for me, we were just going to have fun. We talked and laughed the whole race.

I had a pretty good race.  I ended with a 1:47. A few minutes off a PR, which I was really hoping for, but it didn’t come together. I still managed to get 2nd place AG.



After the half marathoners finished, we freshened up a bit and jumped in the car to find our full marathoners we could cheer for. We had a great time and ran with them along various parts of the course. There’s not a lot of cheer support on this course, so every single person cheering helps!


It was so much fun! Getting to see people reach their goals after all their hard work is the best feeling. I got teary eyed several times just watching all these amazing people.

How are you getting ready for the holidays?

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15 thoughts on “Runderful: Houston Marathon Training Wk 3”

  1. Oh I am not enjoying the cold snap! I had a couple days in Savannah then when I got back to Philly it was soooo cold! I wasn’t ready for it!

    Congrats on your race!! It sounds great with all of that amazing post-race food…we need a race like that up here! It’s fun when you can run a race with friends. You did awesome!


  2. Definitely nothing better than running with friends — and because I don’t get to do it that often, I really treasured our PCB half!

    PRs are really elusive creatures. I waited a very, very long time for this past one. True, I’d PR’d in my last half of 2015, under very tough conditions, but I always knew I could run a lot faster — given the right circumstances. Can I stand next to you so a little of your speed rubs off?

    I know TX gets cold. We got Chester at this time of year 11 years ago, and I still have vivid memories of freezing my a$$ off standing outside with him! But the nice thing is that it doesn’t stay cold.


  3. It looked like a fun race! Great picture!!! $1 for a half…of course you had to sign up!!! Good luck on your Houston training! That is a bucket list race for me! I wish I would have done it this year. I had a friend that tried to talk me into it.


  4. How nice to run a fun, relaxed race and still be awarded with an age group medal! We ate lunch after our half in FL outside at a restaurant that was right at on the course and were able to cheer the marathon finishers. I enjoyed that! I hope your PF and tendonitis has calmed down. So many people seems to be having issues with their feet! Nobody has time for any of that! 😉 Thanks for linking, Sonia!


  5. That IS a great picture of you on the course. Congrats!
    Where on the East Coast were you from? I hate the cold too but for some reason I think being a runner makes me tolerate it more. Temps in the 30’s don’t seem to bother me as much as they use to.


  6. congratulations on your half #6! (plus a couple of full’s?) That’s impressive! I ran 2 this year and got injured within a couple of weeks after the 2nd. 😦 I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I could run 6 at your pace!! Alas…I’ll just “run” vicariously through you 🙂

    It is funny how quickly one adapts to the warmer weather of the Southern part of the country! That blood thins out and just can’t handle anything below 50! 🙂


  7. I’m a card toting member of the cold weather wimps too! It was very cold here in Mississippi over the weekend. Below freezing on the coast still at 8am! What??? This just is so not right!
    $1 that is awesome I love when I get in a good deal like this! YOU did have a great race and so close to a pr! Yey on the AG award. Awesome!


  8. Congrats on your AG award ! Hope your feet are feeling better. Since NYC I have been taking a lot of time off. I need to wrap my head around a training plan and race Schedule come January.


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