Weekly Wrap-up

Houston Marathon Training Wk #2



Another week of training is in the books. Boy, I was running on tired legs all week, probably because of the Sunday run, but still. Overall, this week has been solid.

Here’s my week:

Monday: 4 miles
Tuesday: 5×1200’s (didn’t hit my paces for all of them, but got sub 7:00 for the first three)
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 7 mile tempo (good run with 8:14 average and hit my tempo pace of 7:52 for 4 miles)
Friday: 5 miles
Saturday: no run because of thunderstorms. boo!
Sunday: 20 miler

Total running: 44 miles
Total biking: 8 miles

The weather this week in TX was chilly! I had to pull out the long sleeves, gloves and hat. Whoa. People around here pull out the Uggs in 60 degrees. No joke. 🙂 It always makes me laugh because when I lived in Philly, it was below freezing for many, many days and I still went out for a run (or iceskating as I liked to call it).

What else happened this week? I may or may not have gotten a slew of packages this week and done a boat load of shopping. 🙂 Thankfully, the packages get delivered when no one else is home, so there’s no evidence when they get home. Someone has to hit the sales, right? I mean, I really can’t let a 40% off sale go untouched, right?!?! One of the things I bought was some new Headsweats visors to add to my collection. Yes, I’ll admit I’ll have a problem. I like visors and I can’t lie. Their visors are so darn comfy and I don’t have to adjust or think about them.


My BRF Lesley and co-conspirator in training gave me this book this week. I’m excited to read it and learn about a new method of training. I’ve now trained on Hansons’s (my first and second marathons) and a hodgepodge of free online plans like Higdon’s and Nike for my third and soon to be fourth marathon. So I’m curious what this plan has to offer. I’ll write a review as soon as I’m finished.


Saturday, I woke up early for my run and heard thunder and pouring rain. The rain was no problem, but the radar was lit up like a Christmas tree for the entire morning. Although there were breaks and since we had a 20 miler planned, it wasn’t a good idea to head out in the storms.

I could have run later in the day, but my daughter and I had planned a fun day together. We had lunch and shopping and then dinner together before we headed to local performance of The Nutcracker. Seeing The Nutcracker has been our tradition for the last 6 years. We had a great time and the performance was wonderful!


We had a great time together!


Any fun holiday traditions you do? How was your week of running?

I’m linking with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap-up!


17 thoughts on “Houston Marathon Training Wk #2”

  1. Gorgeous picture of you & your daughter ! So much fun to see people dressed up and not in running clothes for once. I HATE running in the rain, so would have changed my plan too.


  2. You and your daughter look so wonderful together!

    I have been caught in a few thunderstorms (exactly that — nothing when I headed out, then you’re 5 miles away from your car and what can you do?).

    But boy, you sure are speedy!


  3. That sounds like a great date with your daughter! I love your outfit 🙂 I look forward to hearing what you think of the book. My training so far has been modified Hal Higdon plans.


  4. I love headsweat visors too! I do have a small head and have to pin the back but other than that they are as comfy as can be!
    What a nice mother-daughter date you had!!! I do love the picture of you two, very pretty ladies right here!
    I have most all of my Christmas packages delivered to work, that way when the hubs or daughter is in my office they are none the wiser cause we get so many delivered anyway! Thanks for linking up with us!


  5. How pretty you and your daughter look. I’ve seen our local production of the Nutcracker Ballet several times and always enjoy it. I recently won a Head Sweats visor and can’t wait to give it a try. I’m so behind with Christmas shopping. Let’s just not go there… Thanks for linking, Sonia!


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