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#FAIL: Houston Marathon Training Wk #1


After last week’s weekly wrap and good recovery period after NYC Marathon, I was ready to tackle Houston Marathon training. I’m not really starting from week 1 because I’ve trained for NYC, but at first, it does seem to feel like starting from scratch.

Sunday night, we had our second kid down with the stomach bug, and I was up all night cleaning. Monday night, my parents were coming into town and boom. My oldest kid and I were both down with it that night.

I had every intention of getting up Wednesday to run, but slept in to catch up on all the sleep I had lost for two nights in a row.

Thanksgiving Day I did not do our local Turkey Trot because it started at 8, and we were having lunch instead of dinner so cooking had to be done early. Instead, I ran 8 miles very early with some friends and felt like things were back on track. Yay!


Lots of cooking and time on my feet resulted in a delicious meal, but I wasn’t fully recovered, so I didn’t get to enjoy the meal as usual.



Then everyone (my parents included) went to the football game. I wish the outcome was different, but it was fun to take my parents to their first college football game.

After Friday’s easy miles, I set out to do 18 on Saturday with my BRF–what was going to be the first long run since NYC. I was a little nervous about it, and ate a light breakfast and some coffee and took one gel before I started.  The first few miles felt great, and it was a beautiful day.


I took a gel around mile 6, and then, somewhere along the way, I started feeling bad with some abdominal cramps and just couldn’t continue after about 9 miles. Normally, these gels don’t bother me, so I can only assume that my stomach wasn’t quite ready to handle stuff after the virus. I walked another mile to get back to the car called it a day. My BRF kept going. Womp womp. #fail. I was really down on myself with all kinds of names floating around in my head. With Houston looming 7 weeks away, how was I going to do this if I couldn’t finish 10 miles??

I normally take Sunday off. It’s kind of sacred to me to have that day as a rest. But, I also didn’t want to ditch the long run completely. So, I thought I could do 8 miles and cumulatively between both days, it would be 18 and be fine. I didn’t want to wake up too early, and I didn’t want to overdo it. All day Saturday, I waffled back and forth about running Sunday, so I thought I would just wing it and see how I felt.

I didn’t make a plan for Sunday. I didn’t have a route in my head or where to start. I got up when I felt like it. Drank a cup of coffee. No breakfast. No gel. Very unlike my usual MO. I headed straight out the door to my usual easy mile route which had a loop of 8, plus 1.5 miles running from my house. So, at a minimum, I was going to do 11 to get back home. I felt pretty good. I didn’t set out to do marathon pace, but just ran what felt comfortable and easy. After one loop of 8, I was at a point where I could have gone home. The wind was starting to pick up, but I forced myself to take another loop to see if I could get a few more miles. There are several turns you can take to make the loop 3, 4, 5, 6  mile loops, so I talked myself out of each turn and ended up doing another 8 mile loop and then turned to go home to get a total of 19. I did it and felt great. So it wasn’t a #fail after all. 🙂
img_2838That’s my week! Let’s hope this next week (which IS off to a good start) is better! Ever have a #fail of a week? 

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18 thoughts on “#FAIL: Houston Marathon Training Wk #1”

  1. Sorry you were sick, but the end of the week sounds better. I admire you for running another race after NYC. I am loving the downtime, running only 2 or 3 easy runs a week and incorporating other activities. Go girl !


  2. Those nasty stomach bugs are the worst things ever! At least it happened early in the training cycle? I’m glad you were able to do your double run over the weekend and I wouldn’t consider it a failed week at all. Thanks for linking, Sonia!


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