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Runner Etiquette


Post-Marathon Week 2 is done. I had 24 miles of running and felt good. A little nagging foot soreness, but nothing too bad. MUCH better than my first marathon recovery last December. I didn’t do any speed work or hills, but tried to do moderate effort on two days to see where I was. Everything felt pretty good. It was a long week of single parenting and really non-stop going right after I got off the plane from NY. I didn’t get much sleep and was really feeling it (and wow, I was cranky and down). I’ve caught up on sleep now, thank goodness.

Here’s my week:

Monday: Easy 5

Tuesday: 5 miles

Thursday: 5 miles

Saturday: 10 miles with 9:00/min average pace.

So a couple of weeks ago, my BRF and I were running, going at a pretty great pace because it was my last run before NYC. We were chatting and enjoying our run on campus, which at that time of the morning is not busy at all. Two women we both know had caught up to us (so clearly going faster than us). After they caught up to us, they keep getting closer to us from behind, but not passing us. I thought it was weird. It was as if we were in a race packed with people and they had no choice. BUT, there were no other people around, no cars, plenty of road and sidewalk room on both sides, and yet they pressed closer to our backs. We kept talking and then one of the women interrupted our conversation with a question to me. My BRF and I had about a person width between us because we don’t like to knock elbows while we run, and this woman ran right in between us. I thought it was odd and rude. What do you think? I conducted an informal poll and people seemed to feel the same way. It irked me, but then eventually, I didn’t think anything of it.

The week after I got back, it wasn’t an issue because I ran by myself.

Then, this week, my BRF and I were running again together and talking, and these same two women caught up to us again but they were with a couple of other people that we know as well. This time, we weren’t striving for any pace, they were going faster or wanted to, so with plenty of road and sidewalk space, I kept waiting for them to pass on one of the sides. Nope. They kept pressing closer and closer (uncomfortably close) and talking loudly right behind us so it was hard for our conversation to continue. Finally, when we reached another road, they passed us (probably because we decided to slow down). The same woman asked me a question.

It really bugged me this time. What do you think?

That’s my week. Houston Marathon training starts tomorrow…gulp.

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19 thoughts on “Runner Etiquette”

  1. Glad your recovery is going well. That running etiquette (?) seems odd. What questions did that woman ask you? If I’m on a bike and it’s not safe to pass I will cruise behind runners and hope they scoot over when I say “on your left” or “passing” but I’ve never hesitated to pass other runners when I’m running.


  2. That does seem weird to have someone you are not running with run between you two that are clearly running together. I can understand the distance between you two with the locking elbows. I never really thought about it, but now that you mention it, my BRF and I must not have enough distance between us because we are always bumping each other.


  3. I definitely think it is odd and rude. Clearly, they had opportunities to pass but for some reason wanted to stick close behind you….it almost sounds as if you have a running stalker. Do you know this woman? Does she see you as competition perhaps? Does she follow your blog? If so, she should be getting the hint by now!!! 🙂 Keep us posted on this one…I find it intriguing!


  4. Huh, that is so weird about the people running really close behind you. You would think they would just go ahead and pass if there was room on the sides. And if there is room on the sides, why would you possibly go between two people!


  5. That would have really ticked me off! Totally rude in my opinion!

    Oh, exciting that you’re heading back to training mode! 🙂


  6. That does seem a little odd. Could they just want to make friends with you? Regardless, they obviously don’t believe in personal space which I would find annoying. Like those closer talkers you have to keep backing away from. Good luck as you begin your next marathon training cycle. Thanks for linking, Sonia!


  7. Yeah that’s odd and rude for sure. I’d go run in the grass to pass or turn around and run the other way before I’d ever do that. So strange. Wow! All the best getting back to training for Houston!


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