NYC Marathon, Weekly Wrap-up

NYC Marathon Training Week #16



A little over a month to go until NYC Marathon! Woohoo! This week was a great week of workouts. Finally, it’s nice to see things coming together after that long, hot summer of training. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been training since June!!

Last week, I told you about that little old Buffalo Stampede half marathon that was a train wreck of a race. By the way, thankfully, they’re issuing refunds to those who couldn’t run and a discount for next year’s race. The race benefits the local natural history museum, which I know needs the funds, but right now I can’t think about running it next year. We’ll see how I feel later. But, even though I didn’t PR, I got third woman overall and 2nd place AG (a LOT of people dropped out so…). I didn’t have time to pick up the medal after the race or enjoy the podium pic, so my friend Lisa crossed the finish line and got it for me and gave it to me this week.


This is how my week turned out:

Monday: Easy 5 miles (I planned to do 8, but it didn’t work out).

Tuesday: 1200 intervals. I felt like I was flying.

Thursday: 7 mile tempo

Friday: 8 miles

Saturday: 18.3

Total 46 miles running

16 miles biking


The beauty of an early morning run never gets old. I always have to capture the sunrise. And after that, the joy of the run with your bestie!


I was scheduled to run about 13 miles at race pace with my bestie, but after last week’s fiasco, I wanted to run much more. I ran 5 miles by myself and tried out my new NYC Marathon playlist (stay tuned for that!) and then met Lesley for 13 miles. She’s on taper for her marathon, so this long run needed to be at race pace for her. We kept a great pace for the whole run, talking, laughing and running. We both kept looking at our watches thinking we weren’t sure we could hold the pace for the whole run. But we did it!  The entire time, I felt great. I mean really, really great. I felt I like I could have gone faster, but I held back for fear of dying in the end. My end pace was 8:29 for 18 miles. I’m aiming for my race pace to be about 8:25, but I’ll take it.

img_2428Hope you had a great week! I’m wrapping up with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap-up!


20 thoughts on “NYC Marathon Training Week #16”

  1. One month out…how exciting! “Start spreading the news …. I’m leaving today” …you’ll be hearing that over the loud speaker in no time!! You almost make me want to go out and try to run 18 miles by making it sound so easy 🙂


  2. I think I have that skirt you are wearing in the top pic! That’s an incredible pace for your 18 mile run! I’m glad someone picked up your award for the half marathon. You are almost there. You have worked hard and will reap those benefits in a few short weeks. Thanks for linking, Sonia!


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