NYC Marathon, Weekly Wrap-up

NYC Marathon Training Week #11


This Week’s Wrap-up: Feeling All the Emojis

This week, I will be only 2 months away from the NYC Marathon! It’s gettin’ real, y’all.

Last year, as I was training for my first marathon, I wasn’t sure I could actually finish a marathon, much less do it upright. I was googling gurney availability. lol. Seriously. I had heard so many horror stories of runner’s injuries during training or before and during the race that I wasn’t sure whether I would make it through training to the starting line. And then during the race…soooo much can happen that I wasn’t sure what I had signed up for… whether I would vomit from too much gel or too little gel mixed with Gatorade (oh no not the lemon lime flavor!!!) or whether I would soil myself during the race so badly that I would WANT to die of embarrassment. I read about it. It’s for real.

Now, I know that I can finish a marathon upright, even if I have to walk the whole thing, but I’m anxious about getting to the starting line of such a big race in time, with all my things and remember where to go and what to do when. I missed getting to the proper corral of the Houston Marathon this year that we got booted out to the next corral. And we were literally steps away from the corral when they closed it. Bad planning on my part! The mass transportation they have at NYC makes me worried the same will happen again, but I’m vowing to be earlier this time.

Then, there’s the usual emotions:

  • Excitement: This is going to be great! Big race! Lots of crowd support!
  • Fear: Ack! It’s a big race!!!?!?!?! Why did I do this??
  • Doubt: What if I’m not ready?!?! I’ll never be ready!
  • Anxiety: What’s this new ache over here??? That wasn’t there about two minutes ago.
  • Cautious optimism: That run was pretty good. I can do this. Keep plugging away.
  • Overzealousness: OMG. Foam rolling. Check. Post-run yoga. Check. Extra Fluids. Check.
  • Fatigue: I didn’t foam roll last night. Or stretch. Are these clothes from yesterday?
  • Disappointment:
  • Overconfidence: Um, yea, I’ll take the two deluxe tacos, a coffee, a milkshake, and two… no, three churros, please. I just ran 15 miles, so… I need the protein…..and the carbs. All of them.
  • Fatigue: I’ll just take a nap after pulling on this compression sock….zzzzzz

All these emotions come through and make me want to burst at the starting line, but in the meantime, I’m trying to keep them to a low murmur.

This week, I did 61.7 miles total, with 49 miles of running. Another good week of training. I love the new Garmin watch! The battery lasts forever!!! I don’t have to charge it every day. I don’t wear it all the time, but when I do, it tracks everything including my steps, which I was curious to see. My job as an editor and writer is pretty sedentary, and although I try to get up a lot, I forget. But, I’m happy to report on many days I was getting well over 10,000 steps, and every hour or so when it doesn’t detect any activity, it buzzes with a MOVE! reminder. I like that it easily tracked the distances of different intervals with a button instead of the touch screen.


I’m not skilled in photographing while running. I’m not sure how so many bloggers don’t get blurry pictures. Maybe I need to take a class? This was during Fridays 8-mile run.

Tuesday, I did intervals of 400, 800, and a mile repeats.

Thursday, it was tempo run. I started to feel the beginnings of a cold and a husky voice. My 7 mile run when alright, but I was breathing hard, so much so, that I startled my friend as I came from behind with my heavy panting. I made several soups this week, drank lots of fluids, took some extra zinc and vitamin C, plus get some extra rest. By Saturday, I could feel the congestion in my head. It wasn’t too bad at the start of my 18-miler, but I didn’t feel 100%. Luckily, you breathe through your mouth during running!

On Saturdays, The Brazos Valley Runegades (my running group) meet at the local running store, Brazos Running Company, to start the run. This Saturday, we had the first Aggie home football game, so we dressed up for a picture before the run. Running on campus is a nice change of pace from running in the suburbs.


I had 18 miles on the plan, and Lesley, my usual partner in crime, was away, so I ran them all solo. To make it fun, I chronicled my 18-miler my re-enacting some emojis:

Mile 6 😃
Mile 7: 😀


Mile 9: ☺️
Mile 11: 😓
Mile 12:😅
Mile 15:😬😩
Mile 17: What the hill? 😳😲😱
Mile 18: 😎🙌🏽

Later on Saturday, we enjoyed the football game!


How was your week of running?

I’m linking with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap-up!


15 thoughts on “NYC Marathon Training Week #11”

  1. Hahaha, I absolutely love your emoji reenactment selfies…that’s great!! Congratulations on your upcoming NYC marathon…just getting chosen from that lottery deal is an accomplishment in itself. Have you read the book, “A Race Like No Other”? It’s a great book all about the NYC marathon….very motivational and inspirational. If you haven’t read it, I recommend it. Can’t wait to read about your experience in a couple of months! I watch it every year on t.v. and get chills when I hear ….”Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today…” at the starting line!!


  2. All of those emotions you list ? Yeah, I have gone through them too. Then I just think, come on, it NY ! Just enjoy it ! I am not planning on running another marathon anytime soon, and I will probably never run NY again, so I am going to enjoy the whole thing, even if I have to walk a lot more than I want ! Its an experience of a life time, so I am not too worried about my time.

    I signed up for a bus to bring me to the start. Is that what you did too ?


  3. Great post, Sonia! 18 so.o miles has to be tough — my 10 miler was really pretty good yesterday, but those last few miles I was sooooooo ready to be done. Probably because of the late start but it couldn’t be helped.

    Hopefully we can meet up in NY? Assuming I get there with all the nuttiness in my life lately!


  4. Wow, that’s some great mileage for the week! Those emojis are hilarious!! I haven’t made it up to 18 miles yet…I’m excited though!


  5. Ha! I’m going through those same emoji feelings. My race is a month away. EEK. I’m horrible with running pics. I take mine after the fact. Your mile 15 pic is awesome! Your visor reminds me — I tried Headsweats and liked it! Thanks for linking, Sonia!


  6. I am relating to all of your emotions when I think about doing a second marathon for me. I’m excited to see how well you do with one already under your belt!
    Glad you are liking your Garmin so much it really makes a difference! I have not tips for you on running selfies either.
    Love love all these real life expressions! Thanks Sonia for linking up and supporting us each week!


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