NYC Marathon, Weekly Wrap-up

NYC Marathon Training Week #6 & 7


New York Marathon is 12 weeks away! That’s 3 months until I visit the Big Apple! I can’t believe how time is flying! Hope you’ve had a good week of running!

The last two weeks of marathon training have been busier than usual (and why I didn’t post anything last week). I finished week #6 with less miles than usual (32) before I hopped on a plane to Charleston, SC for a weekend getaway with girlfriends. It was such a fun weekend! I had every intention of running at least once outside, but if you can believe it (I couldn’t) it was actually hotter there than here in TX (just by a few degrees, but still!). I took the opportunity to partake in some much needed laughter and liquid therapy while enjoying the company of some dear sweet friends. We explored the craft and farmer’s markets downtown. We stumbled upon this Jiminy Co. vendor. She tried to offer me some candied crickets as a good “starter” cricket product. I declined. Sorry, I choose to get my protein in other ways.
FullSizeRender IMG_2121In addition to a beautiful sunset walk on the beach, we walked on the Cooper River Bridge, which is the location for a big race in the spring. But, that’s about all the exercise I did. Still, I finished July with a total of 167 miles. After traveling this summer to Maryland, Colorado, and South Carolina, my traveling is done. This week, I’m back on track. School is two weeks away from opening! What?! I’ve finished all the shopping for that, and can now say we’re ready…(the kids aren’t, but I am!). 🙂

I finished up 40 miles this week and was glad to be done. Got some speed workouts in, got my long run done, and I’m still smiling in this heat. Every day at 5 am, the weather starts in the low 80s with 90-95% humidity. ugh.


I’ve been drinking skratch hydration mix ever since I discovered it in Boulder. I had seen it before in some stores, but until  I visited the Skirts Sports store in Boulder, and the woman in the store told me about it being made in Boulder, I hadn’t tried it. It’s delicious! The kids each tried it and loved it. It’s much gentler on my stomach than regular Gatorade, and it’s made with real fruit juice, which I love. I really like that there aren’t any artificial dyes or flavorings. It’s a nice alternative for the kids too. I also like it more than Nuun because it has no carbonation.

In other exciting news, we have almost 20 people in our running group, the Brazos Valley Runegades! It’s encouraging to have a diverse group of people, ages, and paces for FREE! Another reason for lack of blogging has been that I’m spending more time than usual organizing the group and taking care of business, but I’m SOOOO over the moon happy to have such a wonderful tribe to call my running friends.

I’m linking with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap-up!
Any exciting travel plans for you? 



9 thoughts on “NYC Marathon Training Week #6 & 7”

  1. Your July mileage was amazing! Liquid Therapy. Yep, I’m stealing that one. It sounds like a lovely trip to SC. A couple of our WW linkers live in SC and run that Cooper River Bridge race. Our school starts Wednesday. Yeah. Three days. Where did summer go? Thanks for linking, Sonia!


  2. I visited Charleston a few years ago with my sister. We had a blast! We went in September, and while it was still hot, I did get some miles in. What an amazing city.

    My new puppy eats cicadas–so there must be something to the protein thing, right?


  3. During my visit to Myrtle Beach which isn’t that far from Charleston, I noticed right off the heat and humidity. It really did not have to make me feel quite so at home in that sense but it did.
    Aww I’m going to have to remember that phrase “Liquid Therapy” I did my share of that this weekend too with Holly! 🙂 It’s great to get away with friends isn’t it?!?


  4. Awesome you’re coordinating a running group in your area! I look forward to starting to run with mine once I start my long runs. Great overall mileage, especially with all the traveling! That hydration mix sounds great, and I love supporting local companies.


  5. Sounds like training is going very well for you. I am travelling and generally having trouble finding my rythme. I think I need through structure of the school year.


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