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NYC Marathon Training Week #5


There’s a right way to jump back into life after vacation, and there’s a wrong way. Guess which I chose? Yup. Wrong way. I have one word for this week: psoas.


After our epic road trip from Colorado (15 hours in the car over two days), I immediately hopped right back into life and running. I went for a long run the next day, and another easy 8 miler on Monday. Felt great. Back with my bestie. Ah, life was good. Two sweaty betties, chatting about life. Worked as usual, took the kids to sports, yadda yadda yadda.

Tuesday, I woke up for the track workout ready to tackle the day. All during vacation (and for a little before) I was getting bogged down with the mental aspects of running and training, as well with life, work, kids. After my Monday run, I was going to take this training head on.

Except, I tried to get out of bed and felt a shooting sharp pain in my hip.


The pain was severe. Walking normally was out of the question. To say it was inflamed was an understatement. I couldn’t run that day, for sure. I had already taken an easy week during vacation, another week would spell certain doom in the middle of marathon training. My mind immediately went to the worst case scenario. I was speechless. Little aches and pains crop up all the time, but nothing major like this. The entire day I hobbled around, getting in and out of the car involved a sideways shimmy. Even stretching it was out of the question. What if I couldn’t run for longer?

As I read more about the psoas, I realized that my poor posture on the drive made my hips even tighter than normal. Even though I had stretched more on this drive, I probably should not have jumped right back into running and done some yoga instead.

Here’s my week:

Monday: Easy 8 miles with my bestie. 🙂

Tuesday: Nothing.

Wednesday: Nada.

Thursday: Zilch.

Friday: Zippo.

By Friday, I was walking around without pain. Yay! So I set my sights on a long run for Saturday. I knew I couldn’t do the 10 miles at race pace that I had planned weeks ago, so I decided I would do between 6 and 8 to see how I felt. If I needed to cut it shorter, I would. I was nervous. I was anxious.

I fueled up, and ran a great 8 miles. It wasn’t race pace, but it was about 20 seconds slower, and most importantly, it felt great, even though it was already 80 degrees and 90% humidity at 6 am. I had NO pain. Yippee! I was so grateful. I saw this sunrise during my run–a perfect reminder of starting over fresh. Marathon training in itself is a marathon: long,  challenging, and grueling test of endurance, persistence, and passion.


Hope you had a great week!

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12 thoughts on “NYC Marathon Training Week #5”

  1. What is it about long car rides? I can’t do them any more without achy hips. I’m glad your problem was short lived. I was treated to a pretty sunrise this morning at the start of a long run too. My current “little ache and pain” is a sore groin. Not always. And not necessarily when running. It’s just enough to be annoying. Thanks for linking, Sonia.


  2. This is not what I need to read as we are headed on vacation tonight…. Well I am glad it has worked out for you. I did a double strength workout on Monday since I will miss 3 sessions. And both focused on my legs! Man am I feeling it today too! At least my long hours in the RV will be broken up. We’ll be at Six Flags all day tomorrow. If that doesn’t work out my soreness I don’t know what will! Maybe I didn’t over do it!


  3. Not a fan of long drives. Lucky for me, my husband does all the driving during road trips and I find myself constantly shifting my position in my seat to stretch out my hips. Good to hear you recovered after several rest days. I know how hard it is to pick up where you left off after being out of commission but you were smart to listen to your body and let it determine how far/fast to run on Saturday.


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