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Overall, I like to think of myself as pragmatic, tending toward using logic, sound reasoning, and being very practical. Almost to a fault (some hubbies might say).

This week’s Wednesday Word blog is pragmatic–meaning dealing with things in a practical, reason way–although an older definition is obstinate–I’m sticking with this one.

Even as a runner, I am pragmatic in planning races, budgeting expenses, planning a schedule, weighing the costs (physical, mental and emotional). It’s not just me. Every race and every workout is weighed with mom guilt (but that should be another Wednesday Word, lol). I have to plan for kid’s activities and for husband’s travel and work schedule.

Last year, with the 2,015 mileage challenge and marathon training, I was so giddy with running with my friends, I really leaned toward whimsy in planning races and training. Hmmm, a race? Sounds great? I just registered. Wait, what’s the distance? Oh, I’ll work that out later.

Are you pragmatic or idealistic? A little bit of whimsy? 
Deb Runs

11 thoughts on “Pragmatic”

  1. I think I lean toward pragmatism. When you’re a parent (as you are!) who has interests outside parenthood, I think it pushes you toward a more pragmatic approach. Nice post!


  2. I am definitely pragmatic but once in a while some spontaneity or impulsiveness is necessary to make life interesting.


  3. I’m a little of both, but leaning heavily toward being pragmatic. Perhaps we’ll have to add a special category to Wednesday Word for phrases. If so, mom guilt will be added! 🙂

    Thanks for linking up, Sonia!


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