Weekly Wrap-up

NYC Marathon Training Week #2

Boom! It’s the end of the week. Woohoo!!!


I feel I won a prize for surviving this week. It was H-to the HARD for me mentally, emotionally, physically. I was single mom this week, which happens quite often because hubby travels quite a bit. I have a normal routine when he goes away, so usually it’s not a big deal, but for some reason, this week was harder than usual. Summer with no routine may have something to do with it. The kids were in party mode, except I have to work and we had more activities schedule than usual. Regardless, I conquered another week of marathon training.

Here’s my week in summary:

  • 37 miles of running
  • Tuesday: 400 m Intervals
  • Thursday: Tempo
  • Saturday: 8 mile run at marathon race pace


I’m not photogenic and this photo proves it! I struggled during miles 3-4 of this run to keep the pace, but before I started I told myself I would be happy with an 8:30 and I got it.


I finished the week today with a 30-mile bike ride. I got a new cushioned seat AND some real bike shorts. Wow. Biking this distance on a road bike versus a cruiser makes such a difference! The bike is soon much lighter and faster. The route I biked is pretty hilly so it’s a workout!


I’ve gotten quite a few questions on the blog about what plan I’m using, so here are the key components:

A 20-week plan: After I got into the NYC, my training partner, Lesley, looked for a fall marathon to train for. She’s running the Marathon to Marathon in Texas in late October–two weeks before NYC. She started an 18-week program, so I just adjusted a program to be 20 weeks.

Higher mileage: Having done 2 marathons already with 5 days of running I know that this is the number of days I’ve found that keeps my body happy, no more. I could go down to 4 days on some weeks and instead trade with a day of cross training.

A homemade plan: We created our own plan looking at Hanson’s (which we had already used twice for a marathon and half-marathon), Hal Higdon’s, Jenny Hadfield, Run Less, Run Faster, and the Nike Chicago Marathon plans. If you want to improve in a marathon, you need to incorporate variety and some speed workouts. Many of the plans incorporate two days of speed work (intervals and a tempo run) and a long run.

I’m linking with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap-up.


6 thoughts on “NYC Marathon Training Week #2”

  1. Some weeks are harder than others. I find it always takes a bit of adjustment once kid’s vacation rolls around to find our groove. I started training this past week, and was happy how my first week went. I am feeling pretty good and excited. Have a great week.


  2. I think it’s wonderful you have a training partner! There are so many plans and ways of approaching marathon training these days. Finding the correct balance is key. It sounds like you have found that, which is great! I also will be training with a homemade plan. Thanks for linking Sonia.


  3. Hats off to you! What a great week, and maintaining that pace in this heat – WOW! I can’t imagine how tough it is being a “single mom” while the hubs is out of town with kids, I struggle being “single” while my hubs is out of town with just our pets!


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