Weekly Wrap-up

NYC Marathon Training Week #1

I finished my first week of my 20-week marathon training.

I saw this rainbow on Monday the evening of my first day of training (there were actually two at the same time) and I wondering if it’s a beautiful promise of things to come??!?


All in all, I had a pretty good week of training. It’s a long training cycle for sure, but I’m excited to train well and keep strong. I’m still getting used to the heat after being out of it for a couple of weeks, so I’m hoping it will get slightly easier as time goes on.

I ran a total of 39 miles this week. Yay! So I was more than happy with that.

Tuesday I ran hills for some strength, Thursday was a short tempo, and Saturday was a long 12 miles. Then I recovered with this breakfast taco “Sunday Brunch” from Fuego’s, a local spot. It hit the spot.


I’m happy just to log miles at this point and not worried about hitting paces because increasing mileage itself is a big adjustment. My heel is still bothering me, but I’m trying to stay positive and not freak out. I know what I need to do and I’m doing it with hopes that it will improve.

I had read this week the latest issue of Runner’s World that receiving positive feedback and focusing on the positive aspects of a workout had significantly more testosterone in their blood. Testosterone is needed for muscle and bone repair and growth, so to that end, I’m going to work really hard to stay positive throughout this training.

This week, I also got a real road bike (Bessy my Walmart special bike is jealous). She was fine for the 20 mile rides, but it was really challenging to do all the hills, so I bought a used Fuji road bike. I took it for a short ride this morning just to get used to it. It’s sweet! Of course, now I need to buy some real bike shorts with padding because….ow.

I’m going to finish on what I’m most thankful for:

  • Good health to be able to run at all!
  • My family that’s been supportive of me running NYC marathon.
  • My friends to run all the miles with and pass the time (it makes it so much nicer!!).

I’m linking with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap-up! How was your week? What’s your favorite post-long run meal?


16 thoughts on “NYC Marathon Training Week #1”

  1. Congrats on getting up to 39 miles this week! I’m in marathon training currently, but I haven’t gotten up that high yet. It’s so true to focus on all the good around us. Thanks for the reminder 🙂


  2. That’s a lot of miles! Cycling shorts will help with the OW. I also have a gel seat cover. That’s a great tip on why it’s important to stay positive. It’s tough enough training for a marathon in a southern summer! Thanks for linking Sonia!


  3. The most miles I have ever run in one week was 30 — I can’t even fathom 39. But I don’t do marathons.

    Here’s hoping your heel “heals” quickly. It’s very annoying all the aches that get in our way.

    I love pancakes or ice cream after a long run . . . when my appetite comes back! Even that short run through Central Park midday made me lose my appetite . . . until dinner. 🙂


  4. I’m so excited for you and your NYCM training. I ran it in 2014 and it was fantastic. I’d do it again in a heartbeat if I could. I’m sure that double rainbow was a great omen. Great mileage right out of the gate!


  5. I do think the rainbows are a great sign for you an how marathon training will go!
    I too have just a walmart special bike, but I do like it. I would not know what to do with a real road bike. Mines a mountain bike. I use it mostly in the campgrounds but I can get a decent workout on it just not as fast as a road bike.


  6. That is some impressive mileage! Congrats on the new bike, I used to have a walmart special beach cruiser… but it rusted out from our time in Galveston, I’m looking for a bike myself. For post run meal in the summer it is usually a protein shake.


  7. This is my first week of marathon training. I have been taking time off to rest a pesky leg pain, but am excited to get back into full swing.
    What training plan are you using ?


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