Friday Five, Runfessions

June Runfessions

I’m joining Marcia for her monthly Runfessions link-up–a time of cleansing and confessing. 🙂 Check out her awesome blog and others!
I runfess that this is my first time linking up with the link-up and I was supposed to do it yesterday and I’m already a day late. 😦 I’m barely keeping my eyes above the water lately…
I normally don’t run on vacation or if I do, it’s maybe once because it usually involves a treadmill and I HATE that. This time I enjoyed some beautiful weather back home and I ran multiple times on vacation (yay!) as well as tons of walking and hiking, but I felt some sharp pain in my heel during two hikes and my hip had a nasty painful tweak after a full day of walking. And that freaked me out with NYC marathon training starting.
The family fitness challenge of doing sit-ups, burpees, pushups and plank I started in June lasted a whopping one week until we went on vacation. The kids’s enthusiasm fizzled out big time, and no amount of cheerleading from me would persuade them. I also gave up way too easily. Something about being out of your routine makes it so hard to do a burpee.
I ate way too many desserts on vacation…and felt it immediately. I don’t normally indulge in dessert quite as often, but when it was offered, I was like, um….yes…please and don’t skimp on the portions. 😃 And then when I got back from vacation, I made a vow not to eat desserts, and I had a birth WEEK celebration. So, I had ice cream and then more ice cream, plus cookies. I was just making sure they didn’t go stale. You can’t leave an open package of Oreos in the pantry!!! AND THEN, my running club buddies asked if I had tried a local bakery’s homemade cinnamon rolls, and I was like, I can’t even.
The heat is killing my mojo. I haven’t yet crossed the 10-day threshold of adjustment that will make it slightly easier to run in this weather. And although I’m excited about the NYC marathon, I’m having a hard time finding the positives… let’s see I’m  sweating out all that water weight I’m retaining, and I’m testing the saturation point of many tech fabrics…

I’m also linking up with the DC Trifecta bloggers MarCourtney and Cynthia  for the Friday Five linkup.



5 thoughts on “June Runfessions”

  1. I’m sorry about those aches — hopefully they will go away soon!

    I walked (with a little running) a half on Friday basically & my ankle was totally fine. Doesn’t mean it’s healed, still, but it was a pleasant surprise.

    I’ve been indulging a bit too much with the sweets, too, and that’s not helping in the saggy skin department!


  2. I generally like to run on vacation because it’s a great way to sight see. Unfortunately I did not run last week when I was on vacation.

    Your Family fitness challenge sounds fun. Sorry your kiddos lost interest. I wish my family would have done stuff like that when I was younger.


  3. There’s something about summer…and vacay….and parties that opens the floodgates to indulging as well. If only we could sweat out all those extra calories, right? Well I guess we can. I hope your foot behaves!


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