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I’m Gonna Party ‘Cuz It’s My Birthday

I’m back in the blogging world! We spent about a week and half in Maryland and Pennsylvania visiting family and friends. Hubs and I grew up in Maryland and went to college, grad school, and had our first jobs there. Then, we moved to Philadelphia for 11 years before relocating to TX. We had to do a little bit of work while we were there (my company is based in Baltimore) and hubs had some meetings, but other than that it was fun, fun, fun!

Favorite things about vacation:

Family and Friends!

We loved getting to see family again and spend some time together reconnecting with friends we hadn’t seen in a few years.


No summer trip to Maryland is complete without crabs and corn on the cob. We always have a crab feast when we go home. In Maryland, we steam the crabs (no boiling!!) with a nice layer of Old Bay. Speaking of, I had to replenish my stock. Contrary to my belief that this seasoning was pretty common in most parts of the country, I couldn’t find it in my local store in TX. We took in an Orioles baseball game and had crab dip on waffle fries.  Only in Baltimore!


I indulged in a lot of treats. First, my mother-in-law’s baklava is to.die.for. No restaurant or store bought baklava holds a candle to this. I didn’t eat the whole pan…but I had a significant helping. 🙂 I also enjoyed some local ice cream and snow balls. I’m on vacation, after all!


We did some things we’ve never tried. I grew up close to Rocks State Park, but had never gone. So, I packed the kids in the car and we did a nice hike to a point with fantastic views. We did a couple of other hikes and lots of walking. The weather was unusually cool when we were there, so hubs and I took lots of walks, too. It was lovely and such a treat to enjoy cool mornings. We also took time for pedicures!


I always pack all of my workout gear, and then hardly ever go running. This time, I vowed to run. And I did! I got some good hill workouts in and some nice easy runs. My hip and ankle were acting up a little toward the end so I didn’t push too much. At the beginning of the month, the kids and I started a fitness challenge doing sit-ups, pushups, burpees, and plank. With the crazy schedule of very late nights and early mornings on vacation, we didn’t get to be as consistent as we wanted, but we did what we could whenever we could. I was proud of them for starting it, and I hope that next time, we can be better about sticking with it!

IMG_1566 IMG_1560

But, I was happy that I did much more than just walking this go ’round because I’m starting NYC marathon training tomorrow! My run bestie and I developed a 20-week training plan based on several plans like Higdon’s, Hanson’s, and others. We felt like our training was strong last time based loosely on Hanson’s, so hopefully, with some tweaks in distances here and there, we will be ready for our races. She’s training for the Marathon to Marathon in Marathon, TX (October 22).

We got back in the middle of the week, and I had the rest of the week off from work to get everyone settled back into a routine and catch up with everything waiting at home. I needed that time to acclimate to the heat. Great thing about vacation? We had lovely weather. Bad thing? I lost all the heat acclimation I had when I left. Thursday’s 6 mile run was brutal with 95% and 76 degrees. Friday the same. Saturday we planned a 12 miler, but I had to stop plenty of times to slog through. It was 100% humidity and 78 degrees. I’ve been hydrating plenty to fight the fatigue, but I have to admit, it’s not pretty.


I celebrated my birthday with a quiet dinner with hubs and a nice day with the kids. I also got to celebrate with my favorite running ladies. I’m very blessed.


That’s a wrap! How was your week? I’m linking with Holly and Tricia for the weekly wrap-up!


10 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Party ‘Cuz It’s My Birthday”

  1. Happy birthday, Sonia! It sounds like you had the best possible birthday celebration anyone could ever ask for. I totally understand what you mean about losing heat acclimation when running because I just went through the same thing. Here is hoping our bodies reacclimate very soon! That’s super exciting that you’ll be starting NYC marathon training tomorrow. You are going to have a terrific training cycle with your run bestie! Maryland crabs, yummmmmmmmm…….


  2. Happy birthday! Love your dress!

    I lived in laurel one year after graduating college — I loved it & still miss it! MD = crabs, absolutely!

    Of course we don’t get super hot, but the weather has been so back & forth up here it’s just crazy!

    And hey, I plan to be in NYC on marathon weekend . . .


  3. I imagine yall have the best crab too! Old Bay Seasoning is a staple even in my pantry! Your weather was just the opposite of ours. It was hotter than, well you know what here last week! I love your pretty dress too! Happy Birthday!!!


  4. Happy Birthday! You look very lovely in that dress. It’s great you did things in Maryland you had never tried before. It’s hard to believe you can’t find Old Bay Seasoning in TX. Your MIL’s baklava reminds me of my MIL’s 7-Up biscuits. They are to die for and I ate my share yesterday. I have not acclimated to the heat and humidity at all. It makes me wonder how I will train for my October marathon! Thanks for linking with us Sonia.


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