Weekly Wrap-up

Summer, Summer, Summer


This post is going to be brief because I’m going on vacation tomorrow! Yippee! We’re leaving for Maryland to visit lots of family and friends. My husband and I are both from Maryland, so a trek “home” always seems necessary at this time of year. I’m so excited!

This week has been busy! Summer has officially started with the kids having their first full week off from school. For the first time, I didn’t have them signed up for camp right away while I worked, so this week, they occupied themselves while I worked (I work from home) and we had cooking camp in the afternoons hosted by yours truly. In the past, they’ve helped a lot in the kitchen, but this time, I taught them how to be more independent in the kitchen around the stove and oven and real knives. Gulp! We made lots of simple recipes like smoothies and french toast and some slightly harder recipes like porcini mushroom sauce. They really enjoyed it. We ended the week with salmon burgers. The kids also made their own sauces. Yummy!


We also had the idea of starting a fitness challenge for every day in June. My oldest son did a school fitness challenge, and did really well, so he’s on a roll. Our fitness challenge includes doing a plank hold for at least 1 min, pushups, situps, and burpees. They are putting me through my paces and helping me work up a sweat. I’m glad they’re motivated to move and stay healthy. The kids also run a mile every day.

IMG_1530 I celebrated National Running Day by running a 5K with friends. Normally, we all take Wednesday off in between our speedier workouts, so it was a rude awakening when we had to get up early that day too! It was a fun run, and I was glad to get the miles in.


This week, I logged 43 miles total. My Saturday run was solid and steady, not nearly as fast as last week, but that’s just fine. I think last week’s speed was helped by the fact that I took last Friday off. This week, I ran every day, and I was fighting some aches and pains in my hips and calf that kept cropping up at the end of my runs. Not fun. A massage by the best masseuse ever helped work out the kinks and I feel so much better.

I’m looking forward to vacation, but I’m likely not going to be posting much! My goals during vacation are to:

Run. I usually don’t run when I’m away, even when I pack all my gear. And my vacations typically coincide with a good down time. Last year at this time, I took two whole weeks off. I needed it then to help with burnout, but this year, I’m hoping to keep up with some consistency.

Keep up with the fitness challenge. Again, laziness and vacation mentality tend to overrule.

Eat….somewhat healthy. 🙂 I’m on vacation after all.

Hope you all have a great week!

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13 thoughts on “Summer, Summer, Summer”

  1. I think that’s great that you are teaching your kids how to cook. I wish I had spent more time in the kitchen when I was young. Have a great vacation and enjoy seeing your family.


  2. I think its wonderful that you are cooking with your kids. I work and travel a lot so my kids have learned to cook the basics, but they are getting better at it. I came home tonight to dinner that was all ready and yummy. Hope you have a great vacation.


  3. How fun to have the fitness challenges and cooking school going on with the kids! I hope you enjoy your vacation. I tend to run more for some reason…I guess because I’m not working and have plenty of time. Thanks for linking Sonia.


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