Weekly Wrap-up



This week, we had crazy weather or thunderstorms and tornado threats. We had a tornado touch down in the neighboring town. As a result, we experienced our first shelter in place experience, which the kids found a little rattling. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but a lot of homes in the area were either damaged and destroyed.

The last day of school, lots of kid things to wrap up, it was a busy week. I missed the first performance of my daughter’s talent show after weeks of practicing. I was crushed. She was crushed. So, after we had lunch together, I went to the grocer store. And this happened. Mom guilt. It ain’t pretty.

IMG_1399 This week’s workouts were good. We backed off of hills and went back to the track for intervals.

Monday- easy 8 miles

Tuesday- 200 intervals

Wednesday – yoga


Thursday- 6 miles

Friday – thunderstorms and flooding, no run or biking

Saturday-12 miles, 8:38 average pace. Last splits were 8:51; 8:23; 8:24; 8:18; 7:49.


Total 34 miles

The hubby accidentally bought a container of FULL FAT Greek yogurt for our smoothies. So, rather than use it for the smoothies, I’ve been making some yummy cakes. I made some cinnamon coffee cake and a lemon yogurt cake from Barefoot Contessa.

I’m linking with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap-up!

How has your week been?



14 thoughts on “Twisters”

  1. Wow! What a scary weather week. I’m glad you had no damage. I know it’s got to be very warm where you live, which makes me even more impressed with your 12 mile run pace and splits. Way to go! I hope you have nice calm weather this week! Thanks for linking with us Sonia.


  2. Wow, those storms sound really scary. I remember those wicked thunderstorms from when we lived in TX many years ago. Very impressive long run with those negative splits in humid weather. Great job.


  3. Sorry about you missing the talent show! Otherwise sounds like a good week.

    We had a small tornado a mile down the road once when we lived in TX & actually gathered the cats into the bathroom with us (it was pre-dogs — I think Lola would’ve freaked at that!).


  4. My week was good but very busy. Lots of travel, but since my lower leg was hurting me I scaled back on my running. I haven’t run for almost a week and I am going crazy ! But since we have had pouring rain, I guess this is the best time to have a pulled muscle.


  5. Tornado season is here too and I get really nervous with approaching weather! The last one wasn’t that far from me and ripped through a church like it was made out of matches! Way to go on your Saturday run, wow what impressive splits too!


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