Wednesday Word

Give Me Liberty


FREEDOM is today’s Wednesday Word with Deb!

It’s the perfect word lately because the little running group I started with my run bestie has grown to 7 members! We call ourselves the Brazos Valley Runegades– our tagline is “Run Free.” Being a Runegade means we’re not constructed by a specific plan. My friend and I have made up a training plan for our fall marathons but others have their own goals so they’re FREE (wink,wink) to do what they want and how they feel. And we all used to pay a hefty monthly fee to run in a club, and for one reason or another we left and now run together for FREE (see that?). Because who needs to pay money to run with friends? I’m not against that for others, but for me, it’s nice to have that extra $$ again for race fees and traveling, which I’m doing quite a bit of this summer!

Living in Texas I’ve learned that independence and freedom is a BIG deal. If Texas could be its own country (and in some ways it could be with its GDP rivaling small European countries), it would be I’m sure. Freedom and the liberties that I have in the United States are very important to me.   I’m really blessed as a woman to have rights and freedoms, but also to be able to exercise outside and wear whatever I want, even when I lived on the East Coast in the frigid winters. I know it’s not that in so many other countries.

Growing up, I would go to India every couple of years for the summer break. There wasn’t much for kids to do in a rural village because TV reception was horrible, and we whipped our way through every dusty dog-eared Sidney Sheldon book we could get our hot little hands on. So we would take walks on the road. There was no sidewalk, and the road was riddled with large potholes because of the monsoon season but we liked the change of scenery. Young girls in the village did not walk for the sake of exercise. They walked to go to school, they walked to go to the store, they walked to the bus stop, but they didn’t just walk to walk. And forget about running. Although my parents didn’t bat an eye when I would walk, run and climb outside at home in the US, in India, they didn’t want us to venture far. Even though we didn’t, groups of guys would stop their conversations and stare, clearly gobsmacked by these American girls who had the audacity to walk down the street…to walk down the street. I know in some ways, times have changed in India, but in so many other countries, there are so many restrictions for women and exercising, so I’m happy to have the liberty to run, walk or hop my way anywhere.

I love having the freedom to run outside in rain, cold, heat…I will take the swelter over the dreadmill I try to keep my complaining to a low whimper. 🙂
I love having the liberty to see so many things on a run. Yesterday at the track, an owl loudly hooted while wispy clouds shrouded a full moon. And then, in the midst of an interval, a shooting star shot across my sight, gone in a blink.
I enjoy having the freedom to race (and that my husband and family support me).
I enjoy the freedom of camaraderie of running with whomever I want whenever I want.
Deb Runs

8 thoughts on “Give Me Liberty”

  1. I tried hard to encourage my running friends to form our own free group this summer, but they need the structure of a group they pay for, and since I like running with them, I paid for it again too. I understand, too, because that’s exactly what I need from Weight Watchers!

    TX has tried to be its own country. 🙂

    We are so lucky to live in the US and take our many freedoms for granted, you are right — thanks for sharing an insight into what it’s like in another country, since I’ve only ever lived in the US.


    1. Until I left, I’m not sure anyone would have started another group. We have structured workouts and a training plan, race goals, etc. we just don’t need to pay for it and I like that, but I understand that everyone needs something different

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      1. So where do you get the training plan? I can come up with one for myself, but I wouldn’t want to make one for others! Even though I’ve been known to give advice anyway. 😉


  2. Isn’t it great that we women can run without censorship? I think about that a lot, because in the clinic where I work, we have a lot of Muslim patients. I know they come to the US to practice religious freedom. And how nice for those women to be able to pursue schooling and yes, running without fear?


  3. A shooting star on your run?? I’m sooo jealous, we have too much light pollution for something like that to happen. Someone last night used the phrase “running and dreaming” and combined with your image of a shooting star over your path, something about it just SINGS…


  4. We are so lucky to have so many freedoms in our country; not only with being able to run most anywhere we wish, but in being able to wear whatever is comfortable on our runs. I reflected on that while writing my own post about freedom, and decided that we are very lucky indeed.

    Thanks so much for linking up!


  5. I thought about this as I was writing too…I def am grateful to love in the US and be able to run outside whenever I want….and your quotes “I will take the swelter over the dreadmill ” Me too girly!!


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