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This week’s Tuesdays on the Run link-up question is: Am I a one-and- done race kinda gal or do I race the same races again?

Here in our smallish college town, there aren’t a lot of longer distance races to choose from. The BCS Half Marathon and Marathon is an organization that holds a few races a year, the marathon and half being the “signature” event in December. There are a couple of other half marathons in town, as well.

There are a lot of great things about running the local races over and over. It’s convenient for “travel,” they’re usually well-run with great post-race tacos and goodies, they try to change it up and offer different swag, and they give a chance to see runner friends that you don’t usually see.

The BCS Half Marathon and Marathon is run by The Mercy Project, a charity that rescues children in Ghana from slavery and returns them to their families. This race is well-run and the swag is great. My first year here, I ran the half marathon, last year I ran the full, and this past week, I registered for the half again (three-peat??) as a tune-up race for the Houston Marathon I will run in January 2017. Third time’s a charm. The course is not that flat and not very scenic, but the race directors really try to do their best to make it a fun event.

Houston Marathon: Next January will be my second time running this race. There’s not much to “see” on the course, but it is pretty to go through the residential areas, Rice University campus, as well as the business sections of the city. The crowd support at this race is what gave me my first taste of real big city run in a long time. They really get into it. They had mariachi bands and other performers at some of the cheer stations. I’ve run races in Baltimore (Half Marathon), Philly (Rock’n’Roll Philadelphia Half) and DC (Cherry Blossom and Army 10-milers), but that was a long time ago. All of my runner friends who ran it with me like how well run the race was. Everything worked like a clock. So, I’ll be running this again.


Texas 10 College Station: Two years in a row, I’ve run this race. The first year, I ran the 10 mile. This year, I ran the 5 mile because I was sick with a cold, and it was two weeks after the Houston Marathon. This year, the hubs and my eldest kiddo joined the fun!


Diva Galveston: This was a repeat from last year, but I’m not doing this race again. If I do a Diva again, I’d like to try another location. It’s a fun girls’ getaway race.

Although I enjoy some aspects of running races again, I really like to try some new races that I’ll likely never run again: Half Marathon in Marathon TX, NYC Marathon, and I’d like to try to try some new races at least once in the future.

I’m linking up with PattyErika, and Marcia for Tuesdays on the Run! Check out their blogs!



8 thoughts on “Three-peat?”

  1. I totally agree with you – when I race is done well, it can definitely be worth repeating. There are so many states that I would love to visit and do a race, especially on the West Coast! It’s just tough to get them all in in one year!


  2. I like racing but not enough to go back to a course that I found kind of blah. I still have nightmares from my first 20K in Paris. Cold, wind & pouring rain. Will never do that race again….


  3. Glad to hear good things about the Houston Marathon, as that will be my first. I’ll have to check into the BCS half as I was looking for a half to do in December!


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