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Mo’ Problems?

Today’s Wednesday Word link-up is hosted by Deb and the word is dilemma.

I’ve got some dilemmas lately, don’t we all? Mine are mostly small…and some slightly bigger.

Recently, I’ve been trying not to eat all the food everywhere all the time and doing arm exercises and burpees. On my last two runs, in particular, I felt pretty good, had fun and finished strong. Yea! These workouts are finally paying off!! In the shower, I discovered some chafing–aided by the hot water hitting said chafed area (howl!) and brought on by the latest humidity-filled heat front that’s moved in to our neck of the woods. Well, low and behold, I’ve been harboring Sister Schubert’s rolls in my underarm area, so yea…Vaseline to the rescue…but that first shower and the realization that arm exercises are not doing it. Yikes. So, do I keep doing the exercises or give into the tricep flapjacks?


photo: ZITS comics
Nacho Problem
After a long run or
if it’s a Friday night after a long week or
it’s Saturday and I don’t feel like cooking or
or it’s Mother’s Day and no one planned anything for dinner or
it’s Cinco de Mayo or
it’s the day after Cinco de Mayo and I didn’t get to properly celebrate on Cinco de Mayo with a margarita because the restaurant was “out” of classic margaritas on the rocks (it really happened),
I like to celebrate with tacos and I’m thinking…how MANY tacos can I get so I’m not eating my hand in the car on the way home and still salvage my dignity? Dilemma.
The chips and queso come to the table and I get comfortable and dive into the bowl with glorious beams of light emanating from the golden cheese dip. And, the kids are like, are you going to eat all those?
And I’m like:

It’s ok to ignore the pleading stares of your babies and stuff your face with chips and tacos, right? Right?? They didn’t run any miles…

Make It Rain

My friends tell me about the latest race they’re thinking of running, and I’m like oooooh that sounds fun…and then I look at the calendar and realize these races hit a bit too close to other races to be called tune-up races and that because I’ve already paid for races in 2017 because of early bird registration and I can’t really justify another couple of races… How many races is too much?

tumblr_o1yaagFfe01qiuiebo1_540Except insert Races and Running Clothes in there instead of books. eek.


My biggest problem, which is not really a BIG problem and one that we all probably struggle with at times (ya know?), is knowing when to balance the right amount of training to stay fit and keep the crazy at bay, while  pushing enough to reach my marathon goal of getting a BQ either this year or next (I need to shave 3 minutes to get my BQ qualifying time of 3:45 but in reality I need to cut closer to 6 minutes off to actually be able to register) and not getting injured or letting this tendonitis/PF worsen.

What dilemmas are you wrestling with lately?


Deb Runs

9 thoughts on “Mo’ Problems?”

  1. I cringed reading about you finding a chaffing spot in the shower. That hurts so bad!! I think, once or twice, it’s been so bad I’ve been on the verge of actually screaming. As far as your strength training I say keep with it! Progress always takes time.

    Right now my main dilemma is I kind of want to run all the miles and all the trails, but I’m having to allow time for my body to recover from past races. I suppose we’d call those first world problems. 🙂


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