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The Bottom Dollar

This week’s Tuesdays on the Run link-up topic, hosted by  PattyErika, and Marcia, is on the real cost of destination races.

Race-cations are awesome and sound fun, don’t get me wrong, but at this point in my life, it’s not something I can regularly splurge on  with young kids. They’re expensive.

I’d be like, “Get a scholarship. Mama spent your college fund on race entries.”

In the past, I haven’t any far destination races because it was hard to be away for long and travel alone. The expenses can get out of hand very quickly, and I feel guilty spending all that money on racing. My one destination race earlier this year was Houston where I paid for a hotel and food, etc. but I got a ride with friends so I didn’t have to ride by myself.

This fall, I am doing some local races and some destination races this year like the half marathon in October in Marathon, TX (which is 8 hours away by car) and, of course, NYC Marathon in November.

I vowed to keep better track of all the expenses this year and…


For NYC, the breakdown is looking like this:

  • Race registration was $255 plus the $11 lottery fee
  • Transportation and parking at airport, airfare, and transportation around the city
  • Food during stay
  • Fuel for race and other race necessities
  • Spending money at expo (the deals are just too good to pass up sometimes)

Luckily, I’m staying with one of my sisters so I don’t have to spend money on a hotel or Air BnB. Still.

Even when I have kept things very inexpensive and got good deals, I end up spending quite a bit of coin. To me it’s worth it to do a little splurge here and there, and hopefully someday my piggy bank will be plumper to pay for some really cool destination races in the future. 🙂

How do you budget for destination race expenses? 


18 thoughts on “The Bottom Dollar”

  1. I feel you on the young kids thing. I ran my Bostons when my kids were pretty young and just bringing them along once was a huge undertaking. There’s lots of mom guilt in planning destination races for sure. I often feel selfish spending the money. Yay for NYCM!


  2. Neither of us have children so it does make it easier to justify the expense and travel. However I do have a yellow Labrador that I feel guilty leaving.

    Just think in a few years your kiddos may want to run races with you and you can plan race-cations with them. O what beautiful memories you will make!


  3. The fact that I don’t have kids makes it easier to do vacation races. I’m really bad with the word “budget” though. I kind of just sign up and wing it. Sometimes this backfires, but recently I’ve been putting money aside in a “fun” savings account which is specifically for races and traveling, so I don’t feel too bad about spending it on what it’s meant for!


  4. That’s exciting that you’re doing the NYC marathon! It is an expensive city though. All the little things sure seem to add up with race-cations. I’m doing one this year but going with friends so we can at least split hotel costs. And of course share the fun 🙂


  5. NY was unexpected for me so I had to do some creative budgeting. Two of us, flights, hotel… and of course I am not going to go for 2 days only. Else, most of my races are in and around where I live.


  6. I’ve convinced my familia to do a race-cation about seven hours away at the end of June. It’s an area in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula we’ve been meaning to visit again, so we’ll all get to do fun things. Very much looking forward to it and so far no one’s complaining that I’m double dipping. Plus, they’ll probably all be sleeping while I’m racing, so they won’t even notice I’m gone!


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