Friday Five

A Four Letter Word


No, not that four letter word. Or that one either. I’m talking about the dreaded HILL. #$%@!#

This week, I went back to incorporating hills into the weekly workout. It’s been a while, and I have to say, I never really look forward to that workout. BUT, I know that it’s good for me, so it’s time to change the hill from a four letter word into a friend.


For the Friday Five link-up with MarCourtney and Cynthia I’m giving 5 reasons to embrace the hills!

  • Wake up your routine: Running the same routes and workouts over and over again is BO-Ring. Mix it up by adding hills to make it fun (not really!) and break out of the monotony. I know I need that because the same old thing every week, week in and week out, is dreadful.
  • Get speedy: The intensity of the hill workouts easily replaces the usual intervals or other speed workouts and can increase my endurance, stamina, and speed.
  • Improve form: When I’m tired, I slouch and my form suffers. Nothing like the end of the race shuffle when my arms are swinging side to side instead of forward to reinforce the fact that I need to continue to work on my form. Focusing on the hills this week, I worked on quick turnover, keeping my chest open and forward, shoulders back, and keeping knees high.
  • Get stronger: I’m so weak. Hilariously so. The repetitive motion of running doesn’t help. So, I need to get stronger, but I HATE going to the gym, mainly because I feel like an idiot, but also I ran into too many  people like the Dude Perfect gym stereotypes video:

And the hubs balked when I suggested a home gym in the garage. 🙂


I do body weight strength training, though, and light weights at home. Running hills can replicate a strength workout because of the resistance of the climb. Whether it’s a long gradual incline or a short steep hill, your muscles develop differently than when running on a flat surface.

  • Practice makes perfect: It never fails. All the races that are billed as “flat and fast” never are. There’s a hill. Somewhere. Small or large. And it usually comes at about mile 11 in a half and at about 22 in a full. Good grief. And since I’m training for NYC Marathon with MANY hills, I need to practice.

Unknown-2 Hill: Four letter word or friend?


4 thoughts on “A Four Letter Word”

  1. Oh man, I have two races coming up in May and June that have killer hills! I need to follow your lead and do more hill training to prepare my body for the torture. And thank you for saying that those “fast and flat” races DO actually have hills!


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