Wednesday Word

Use the Fear

Today is May the 4th…You know what that means?


Yea, it’s hard not to celebrate this Star Wars day when the kids LOVE all things Star Wars. I know a fraction of the information they do, but I decide to entertain their inner geek. For today’s breakfast, I toasted bagels and spread Nutella on them and said it was ground up JarJar Binks spread.

And then, I remembered one of our local bakeries makes special cookies to celebrate the day, and in the past, I’ve never been able to get over there before they sell out. Not today! 🙂 I swear I won’t eat all of these.


Today’s Wednesday Word linkup is fearless.


I’m NOT a fearless runner. Not at all. Rather a fearFUL one.

Like this morning, my foot touched the floor when I got out of bed and hurt more than usual. Ugh. I hobbled across the room in the dark while a dozen different thoughts ran through my head.

Ouch. This is serious.

You’re broken.

You’re not going to be able to run tomorrow…or ever without pain.

Doh! Where is the light switch?!?!?

Fear is a powerful motivator, though, I think, so I Use the Fear. (Cue Star Wars theme).

I used the fear of the inevitable mid-life bulge to take up running more seriously.

I used the fear of not finishing to train hard for my first half marathon so that I could finish the race and reach my time goal.

I use the fear of not running again to stay on top of every single ache and pain rather than running through it.

So, I did more calf stretches than usual and more massage with the lacrosse ball than usual with the hopes that tomorrow morning it won’t hurt quite as bad and I can find the light switch faster.

Do you use the fear?

Deb Runs


Thanks for hosting, Deb!


19 thoughts on “Use the Fear”

  1. Yay!! Another runner blogger who knows about Star Wars day!! May The 4th be with you!

    That is a great way to turn the fear! turn it into a motivator!

    I hope your foot is feeling better!


  2. My kids would love those fun cookies! Heck so would I. ; )
    Yes, I use the fear of how bad it feels to run a race poorly trained as a kick in the pants to get out there.


  3. Sometimes, it’s a fine line between fear and being stubborn/stupid in my world. I’m trying hard to learn when NOT to push too hard and give my body a needed break. Yoda is the best!


  4. Fear can definitely be a great driving force! I often use my fear to help decide what types of challenges I should take on. If it doesn’t scare me, I’m not dreaming big enough.


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