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Diva Half Marathon Race Recap

Last week, we had a lot of rain, as I’m sure you’ve heard. Houston got 18 inches of rain in 24 hours. The flooding was awful, and 8 people died, mostly after getting trapped in their cars when they drove into roads that were submerged. Thankfully, our area got a lot of rain, but not enough to flood. I had to cancel our Monday workout because of the huge storm. I ran 28 miles this week and took it easy with my ankle.

Yesterday, was the Diva Half Marathon in Galveston, my last half of the season (and half #9 overall). We left early on Saturday morning to spend a little more time in Galveston relaxing. I went with my two runner friends, L and B, who are the same people I went with last year.



We had a nice Italian lunch when we first arrived. I couldn’t resist this picture.


We picked up our packets and saw some interesting things at the expo, including this runningluv product. What will they think of next? It’s basically a band that wraps around your wrist with a small microfiber towel that is attached. The towel comes in a ton of different patterns.  I don’t think there were as many vendors this year, but I did score a good deal on some cute running singlets for our little running group of 4.

After that, we went to the beach. Since Hurricane Ike several years ago, the beach has been populated by large granite rocks that the city put there. I’m not sure why, but we used that for a little sunbathing spot. It was nice and relaxing, the weather was gorgeous in the 70s, and the sea breeze felt great.

After that, we went to the historic downtown section of Galveston called the Strand. There are a  lot of cute shops and restaurants. We went to this classic 1920’s style candy shop. It was really hard to resist buying a little bit of everything. I bought a little bit of chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter chocolate fudge for the kids. Seriously, for the kids.



We had a lovely dinner at a Greek restaurant on the Pier. It was a beautiful sunset and the food was delicious. I had grilled shrimp with rice pilaf. The unfortunate thing about Galveston is that a lot of oil production/refineries are right there on the water, so the waterfront is not as pretty as you would like, but it’s not a big deal.

I made sure, despite walking around a lot, to drink a lot of water and eat plenty, something I didn’t do last year when I ran this race.

We went to our hotel and got ready to race. This is the race t-shirt and tutu I got at pickup. My bib is black because of my reported previous half marathon time (there were about 50 people with black bibs). The other bibs were pink, and 5k bibs were purple.


I raced in the tutu last year, but it was breezy so it was bouncing up and down, which I didn’t like. So, I opted for a different outfit.


IMG_1127 IMG_1126

When we woke up at 4 am, it was 70 degrees. At start time it was 66 degrees with 75% humidity and a little breeze. As soon as the sun is up, it feels warmer pretty quickly, especially as you’re running! I love the atmosphere of women (and men) before the race. It’s hard not to smile with all the tutus and cute running outfits around. We met a 79-year-old woman walking her first 5 k. She told us stories of working in the 1950s as a reporter and a political writer. She was so charming. She went on to win the 5 K in her age group.

I did manage to capture the sunrise between mile 3 and 4. I was pretty proud of myself for running and taking this shot. However, I dropped the phone on the ground when I tried to put it back into my skirt. Oops! No cracks or anything.


The course starts and ends in the historic section of Galveston, past some historic mansions and other houses that harken back to the turn of the last century. Then, the course goes along the ocean and into a quieter residential area with condos along the water.


My plan was to enjoy the scenery and the race. My ankle bothered me a little on Friday, so I took Saturday off of running. I knew I would still be active with the walking, so I wasn’t worried. Sunday morning, it didn’t bother me, though, so I felt good.

I ran a fast three miles and then slowed down gradually. The warmth got to me quickly, and I took my time through the course. I got water at every stop (which was every mile or two) and Gatorade at the last two stops.

I was happy to finish the race in 1:54. By the end, I was hot! Nowhere near my fastest time, but not my slowest. I’ll take it. They had firefighters distributing the medals. My hubby wasn’t pleased with this pic. 🙂 They also had champagne in champagne flutes and gingerale. I opted for the soda. The post race snacks were fruit, cookies, tart cherries, and almonds, plus water.

My friend, B, placed second overall, and my run bestie placed first in her age group. Woohoo!

IMG_1150 IMG_1154

We also met this woman, J, when we asked her to take our pic. She was very sweet. I love the camaraderie at this race.

I took today off of running too because now with no races on the horizon, I wanted to give my ankle a little break. 13.1 is 13.1!

And that’s a wrap! I’m linking up with Holly from HoHo Runs and Tricia at MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap-up!



21 thoughts on “Diva Half Marathon Race Recap”

  1. Well, I’m impressed with that time in the heat! I can’t even come close to that when it’s not hot. And in that heat — I’d take twice as long; well, just a slight exaggeration.

    Anyway, Galveston is so fun! Congrats on your race — you did great!


  2. Glad to hear that you didn’t have to deal with flooding! Sounds like a fun race weekend and great job in the heat 🙂 It sounds like you had a lot of fun interactions with other runners.


  3. You had such a great finish time. Congratulations! Yes please…firemen giving out the medals 🙂 Cute pic! Your outfit was super cute. I’ve seen those sweat/snot rags before. Sort of convenient I guess but I already carry a water bottle so maybe too many things to worry about. You did a great job of getting that picture, glad your phone is OK. I hope your ankle responds to the rest and feels better quickly!


  4. Great race! That heat would do me in but that fireman could hose me off. 😉 You really did capture a great sunrise pic. I drop my phone a lot — luckily my Speck case does its job.


  5. I heard about all the flooding your way. It just will not let up! Our campground was closed earlier waiting to see how much of this rain will affect the Lake. Love your outfit your chose. I’ve never run in a tutu because I think the bouncing would bother me but I run in skirts all the time. Sounds like you had a great time with friends in Galveston and your finish time is quite impressive knowing how heat and humidity play in your performance! What a plus getting your medal from a firefighter! Congratulations and thanks for linking this post us with us.


  6. Hi, i found your blog from the weekly wrap link up!
    great job on the race. Heat and humidity are never fun, but you seem liked you enjoyed the race and enjoyed time with friends! and receiving that medal from the firefighter??? oh lawdy!!!!
    Hope your ankle feels better soon and rest will be just what it needs!


  7. I think I have the same pink tank. Nike? Love it. I also have a couple of the running gluvs bought at an expo. You had a great finish time! The heat makes such a difference too. When I finished the Diva race in Peachtree City, a lady walked up to put the medal around my neck. And I said “oh no, he has to do it” and pointed to the firefighter. LOL. Thanks for linking with us Sonia!


  8. Well done in the heat and humidity! That’s a great time. I swear the humidity just sucks the life out of me. Galveston looks like a really neat place. I’d love to see it for myself some day.


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