Here’s a little rhyme

On how I’m energetic

It won’t take too much time

Cuz’ I’m not that poetic

When I’m trying to be athletic

Sometimes, I look plain pathetic

But I’m not apathetic

My aim is to be kinetic.

Sometimes frenetic

Never apologetic

I try not to panic

When workouts seem manic

The key to energetic

Is to be dynamic

These miles, they’re prolific

These paces, they’re terrific

These races they’re epic

So, I hope you’re sympathetic

To this little rhyme.

I’m joining Deb on Wednesday Word linkup.

Deb Runs

14 thoughts on “Energetic”

  1. Great rhymes! You’ve used a lot of good words in there – maybe Deb should add them to her list. I really don’t enjoy frenetic workouts – I’d rather go a bit a slower with good form.

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