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Dreams with Deadlines


This week’s Tuesdays on the Run post is about progress on 2016 goals. Sometimes, setting goals is so hard for me. I set a goal and then think, how dare I actually set that goal! That’s way too unrealistic. Goals are more like dreams with deadlines, right? But, then sometimes, those deadlines pass, and I’m like a deflated balloon.

This year, I really had a hard time nailing down some goals because I wasn’t sure what the year would look like after two pretty much back to back marathons and a tumultuous start resetting my training on my own. So far, I’ve been doing pretty good.

  • Continue to be consistent with running: Done. I’ve consistently run 30+ miles every week since the beginning of the year. The real goal will be to actually run while I’m on vacation this year. I hardly ever do that.


  • New races and PRs: New races. Done. I’ve registered for NYC Marathon, the Nutrabolt Half, which is 6 days before the half marathon in Marathon, TX (one of the 5 halfs on my bucket list)–I hope that’s not too ambitious!! PRs…I did set a new PR in the 5K of 21:54, so that was nice surprise. I didn’t beat any other PRs, which although it was admittedly disappointing, I had an ambitious race schedule every 2 weeks after finishing the Houston Marathon, so it was only natural that I wouldn’t make each race my best. I was TIRED!
  • Get a BQ: I’d like to beat my marathon PR of 3:48 to get a BQ and actually run the marathon. I’m not sure at all if I can shave the time needed (5 minutes) to get the not only the qualifying time but the minimum time to be able to register. 5 minutes feels like a lot. a LOT. This year was the first time I watched the Boston Marathon, normally, I just read about it afterward. Watching the race yesterday, and Atseda Baysa make her late kick in the final miles to win the marathon, was jaw-dropping. She looked so strong–after the killer hills. Wow. Even the announcers were saying it was almost unheard of.


  • Get back to eating better: I definitely have my ups and downs with this, but more ups than downs. 🙂 Like, I’m not going to eat all the tacos. I stop at three. Progress.


One more goal I’d like to add is to do strength training and add some biking. Hubby says I need a better bike, tho. I’m like, nah. I’m good. 🙂

Banana seat bike

How are you doing with your goals?

This Tuesdays on the Run linkup is hosted by PattyErika, and Marcia. Happy Tuesday!


21 thoughts on “Dreams with Deadlines”

  1. Nice bike! 😉 Goals should be a little scary, but if they don’t get you excited, then they are a waste of time. I’m glad we get to run all the miles and eat all (three) tacos together. 😉


  2. You’ve got some great goals, getting a BQ would be so awesome! You’re super close. And congrats on your 5K PR!


  3. I would say something deep and meaningful, but now I’m hungry for tacos. 😉
    Great to see you’re making progress. El husbando is trying to get me to go biking with him (something we used to do a lot of many, many years ago), but I specifically remember my bum hurting from the seat. How much has bie seat padding technology progressed in, um, 20 years? Exactly.


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