Wednesday Word


Hey you,
Yea, you. In the mirror. Wipe away the sleep and listen up.
It’s 4 am. While most sane people are in bed, fast asleep, you’re staring at yourself in the mirror wondering what to wear. Go back to bed. You shouldn’t be here.
You’re old. Too old to be doing this. This pathetic attempt to feel young and be healthy is nothing but a ploy for attention. Buy an expensive convertible like most people or get a tummy tuck.
You’re over the hill, said the hill you tried to conquer yesterday. That ache in your quad, knee, ankle, foot will tell you that too. And you’re a has-never-been. Masters? Ha! You’ll never be fast or even close. Maybe you’ll get a PR. But, really, it’s luck. You’re an average middle of the packer on your best day. On any other day, someone younger, faster, leaner will cruise by you so fast your head will spin. So why bother? What are you trying to prove?
All you talk about is running. The actual run, the next run, what happens before you run, and how you feel after your run. You talk about what should happen when you’re not running and how you should be eating and drinking to have a better run. blah blah blah. Enough! Doesn’t your life have anything other than running?
The “bling” around your neck. Who needs that? It’s a cheap piece of metal that costs maybe about $0.20 to make…maybe. You post pics of your runs, your races, your start lines, your finish lines. Big deal? Nobody really wants to see that. You’re just bragging about mediocre results. You think you’ve done something huge? Nope.
What are you wearing? Another race t-shirt? Surprise. A race skirt? Because shorts aren’t good enough? And just how many shoes do you need? Compression wear? Special socks? Money better well spent on…really anything else, don’t you think?
How about your family? Wouldn’t it be better to spend time with them rather than running all the time? Have you even thought about your kids? What’s the cost of not spending time with them on a weekend because of your “long run?” They have to wait for you while you run. You can’t do certain things because of  the run. You can go certain places because of a run. You can’t eat certain things because of a run.
You had your go. That’s it. It’s not going to get better. You’re getting older. Not younger.
So, let’s call this a phase and move on, shall we?
Yours truly,
[aka Your Worst Critic]
The Wednesday Word with Deb is judgmental. Who’s your worst critic?
Deb Runs

14 thoughts on “Impossible”

  1. Oh yea, we are definitely our worst critics. Sometimes you just have to argue with yourself and remember why you started running in the first place to shoot those negative thoughts down.


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