Tuesdays on the Run

Dear Younger Me…



Dear Younger Me,

You’re young, and you think you know how things will roll, but I’m here as your older and, ahem, wiser self to tell you a few things about the real world.

Let yourself eat cake. Don’t waste your time on diets and fad foods that you can’t hold onto. Eat what you want in moderation, the rest will fall into place, and when it doesn’t, who cares?

Don’t let running be a one-night stand. Be faithful and pursue it, and it will reward you.

Carpe diem. Don’t let fears rule your active lifestyle. Run a race in a new area. Try something new. Now’s your chance. It will be harder to pull off later.

Carpe activewear. Seriously. It’s so comfy, and elastic is your friend, especially when parts start falling and flapping…

Run vs. Being a Runner. Right now, you think you just run. In reality, you’re a runner and you’ve always been. It’s in your heart.

You won’t know what you can do until you get yourself to the start line. So, dust off your shoes and get out there. Your adventure awaits.


What would you tell your younger self? 

I’m linking up with Tuesdays on the Run Linkup hosts PattyErika, and Marcia. Thank you ladies!


16 thoughts on “Dear Younger Me…”

  1. That is great advice! I agree with the foods… my sister asked me once, how do I know what to eat? I told her that the body starts demanding different things as you increase running.


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