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I wouldn’t consider myself brave–this week’s Wednesday Word with Deb. In the “path” of life, I’m faced with choices. If I continue, what will happen? If I turn here, where will it lead? What’s at the end of this path? Will I fail? What’s around that bend? Will I get hurt? The questions never end sometimes. The anxiety can get the best of me.

Remember those “choose the ending” books? I would get nervous just reading those because I always wanted the protagonist to have a happy ending. Turn to page 58. Womp womp. Most often, the protagonist would end up in a safe place but not having the exciting climax and thrilling victory.

Being brave requires trying new things despite the questions and fears, right? I don’t know whether I’m brave unless I go in new directions and try new things. No, I’m not brave in many ways, but I’ve tried new things that have made me braver.

  • Pursuing a career in writing when every other person in my family was a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or stock broker.
  • Marrying a person who wasn’t Indian when every person in my family had an arranged marriage or had married an Indian.
  • Moving across country after 40 with three kids.

With running, I’ve also tried new things that even 5 years ago I would have scoffed at (and probably said were stupid).

  • Running a half marathon.
  • Running a marathon.
  • Running 2,200 miles in one year.
  • Running new races in new places.

With each choice, with each moment, each mile, there is a new type of bravery.

Where will your brave take you?

Deb Runs


Thanks for hosting the Wednesday Word Deb!


12 thoughts on “Brave”

  1. Wonderful accomplishments. you should be very proud.
    Being brave fosters more bravery, and it is often the first couple steps which are the hardest.


  2. You definitely seem like a brave person to me, with all that you’ve taken on in recent years! For me, brave has meant taking on an ultramarathon for the first time. Race day was daunting, but honestly taking on the training was where I had to be brave. Training involved a lot of long, solo trail runs and that often set my nerves on edge. But I got it done and was rewarded on race day 🙂 It was worth it.


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