Tuesdays on the Run, Weekly Wrap-up

‘Cuz I’m Happy

A word that sums up my running?

Hmmm. Hard to get just one, but I’d have to say: happy. (Just don’t ask that question at 4 am when I get up.)

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns over here…There’s plenty to be stressed about with work, meeting deadlines, family, house and getting things done… plenty to fill my plate and then some. With running? I’m happy.

Here’s why:

Just finished my first month of breaking off from my running club. And it feels great. I have NO regrets about leaving (the drama) of the former club and feel a sense of freedom that I haven’t felt in a long time. AND, bonus, I’m running better than ever. It’s a bonus that my run bestie left with me because we’re training together and making it fun. Go figure. I just finished another strong week of 30+ miles and topped the week off on Saturday with a fast 12-mile run in gorgeous weather with one of my favorite people. I LOVE running with my bestie on Saturday. It really makes the whole weekend.

I’m not afraid of running of forging my own path. I’m a strong runner for the first time mentally and physically, and I know that now.

Sure, there’s goals, but for now, just taking one run at a time. Is every run good? Good grief, no. BUT, I’m pretty happy that on a given day, I get that run done because in the end, that’s all I want: to run.


I don’t have anything to prove. ‘Cuz I’m free to do what I want, any old time. If I want to push myself, I do. If I want to back off, I do. Pretty straight forward, right? You would think. But when some people are analyzing my run or race or constantly making it a competition, it’s a drag.

I’m running for me. That’s it.   And I’m happy with exactly where I am. Could I get faster? Perhaps. Will I get a two-pack of abs instead of zero? Maybe. Should I put the three lemon bars down? Probably.



Seriously, though. I’m grumpy cat in so many other things.

What sums up your running?

I’m linking up with Marcia,  Patty and Erika for Tuesdays on the Run. Linking up with Holly from HoHo Runs and Tricia at MissSippiPiddlin for the weekly wrap-up. Thanks to these hostesses for their wonderful linkups and letting me be part of the running/blogging community.



12 thoughts on “‘Cuz I’m Happy”

  1. Happy is one of the best places to be. So sorry that your running club had some drama going on. It must feel amazing to be done with that. I’m so with you on the competing with others thing. It gets very tiring for sure. Thanks for linking up!


  2. Ha ha, love this! You are right, when it’s just you and no one else putting on the presure, you can run for you. It’s been an awesome month!


  3. Sounds like your recent choices are really doing your heart good. Sometimes it’s easy to feel bogged down with a demanding training plan and it becomes another thing on your to do list. Great reminder that we need to remember to be thankful to be out there running. Listening to your body and doing what it wants on any given day definitely makes running a happy thing instead of one of stress!


  4. I love that you are happy where you are and I too hate drama! Friendly competition is fun but come on you run your race and I’ll run mine 🙂 Thanks Sonia for linking up and for branching out and doing what’s best for YOU!


  5. Ugh! I can’t stand drama. I run solo and am perfectly HAPPY with that. But, I’m glad I get to visit with my buddies at races. 30+ miles a week is strong. So, just keeping doing you! It works. Thanks for linking with us Sonia.


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