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Brand M’ambassador

Since I started this blog and reading more blogs, I’ve noticed the number of bloggers who are brand ambassadors. What a cool idea! It would be a wonderful way to share the things I love to wear and use in running with other runners.

And that’s often the best way we find out about things, right? Through our fellow runners? Although I’m currently brand m’ambassador to no companies, I have some dream brands that I would love to represent someday:

2XU, CEP, CW-X: I regularly rotate through compression wear to aid in recovery after a tough workout. My favorite brands of compression socks are 2XU and CEP. I also recently tried Zensah and love them too. CW-X compression leggings are awesome for either running or recovery!

Headsweats: I like to run in a visor for races. It’s a great way to keep my hair out of my face and sun and rain out of my eyes. I first learned about these comfy visors because I got one free when I registered for the Texas 10 race series. Now, I have several. I love that they don’t budge, ever.

Sweaty Bands: These stylish headbands also don’t budge and can handle my thick, long hair. I love the patterns and colors. The only hard part is picking which ones to buy and coordinate with my outfits!

Skirts Sports: After running in a lot of different skirts over the years, these are by far my favorite! They comfortable, they’re stylish, and I love that the skorts don’t ride up. Also, they’re made for runner because they have enough pockets and pouches for just about anything.

Nuun: I enjoy drinking Nuun after a hot, humid workout (which is a good chunk of the year in Texas). I like that it’s gentle on my stomach compared to other recovery drinks.

I love Brooks and Adidas shoes. A girl can dream…



At this early point in my blogging career, it’s just a dream to represent any of these companies.

If you have a brand ambassador relationship, how did you get started? Any regrets? 

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6 thoughts on “Brand M’ambassador”

  1. I’m an ambassador for Honey Stinger and I agree with what Lacey said… we get a small discount but nothing special. Some other brands I’m an ambassador for, though, we get pretty awesome stuff and it’s a lot of fun. I learned about everything I love now from fellow run bloggers!


  2. I’m a Skirt Sports and Michigan Fitness Foundation ambassador. I can’t imagine wearing any non Skirt Sports gear at this point because it is so well made that I would continue to buy it even if I weren’t an ambassador. And the Foundation supports people’s fitness journey, which is something I’m passionate about. Works for me! Hope your dream to become an ambassador comes true. Keep applying and one will come through.


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