Race Shirts Conundrum

Today’s Tuesday on the Run question is whether to wear a race day t-shirt to a run or only after. I never wear race shirts to a race. Typically, the race shirts are cotton, so I don’t like to wear that to run, no matter how cute the shirt is. Even if the pre-race shirts are tech shirts, I like to reserve the first wear for a training run rather than a race. And of course, some race shirts aren’t comfy or cute so they’re relegated to the rag pile!

This practice just goes along with me not doing anything before a race that I’m not familiar with or that I haven’t done in training.

I know some people who wear the shirt immediately after the race. I usually don’t have the presence of mind to wash the shirt right after I get it from packet pick-up, so usually I wear the shirt later in the week.

On a related note, would you wear anything brand new to a race? New shoes? I don’t even do that. But I am loving my new kicks that I broke in on Monday: Brooks Launch 3.


What do you like to do? Wear the T-shirt to the race?

I’m linking up with the lovely hosts of Tuesdays on the Run: MarciaErika, and Patty!


16 thoughts on “Race Shirts Conundrum”

      1. Because I’m a slow runner, and I have done more than one half where they ran out, I used to always carry my own water.

        But since that day I rely on the water stops — unless it’s really hot; then I like to carry a small handheld just in case (and it really helped me in one hot, humid half).


  1. I’m the same – nothing new on race day. How do you like the Launch 3s? I need new shoes and can’t decide what to get! Currently running in Brooks Ghost 7s.


  2. I have worn new things on race day before (though not lately!) and I think it’s generally a bad idea! The race shirt doesn’t bother me as much, but I tend to wait until I’m training for another race to wear it! I’m looking forward to wearing the RNR DC shirt today.


  3. I won’t typically wear races shirts if they fit, until after the race. As far as the nothing new on race day…I am afraid I have broken this rule. Sometimes I’ve been burned by it like major chafing other times it worked out well. 🙂


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