Tuesdays on the Run

The Hard Is What Makes It Great

It's supposed to be hard. The hard is what makes it great.

The hardest thing about running is…well, that it’s hard sometimes.

It’s hard when it’s hot, humid, cold, raining, snowing, sleeting…

It’s hard when I’m injured, exhausted, cranky, sore, winded, and sick…

It’s hard when I have tight muscles, weak joints, and mysterious aches that pop up out of nowhere…

It’s hard when I’m not hitting paces, not meeting goals, not getting the mileage in a given week…

It’s hard when I’m doubting my training, my plans, my abilities…

So, why do I keep doing it? I could pick another sport, I suppose. Tennis, swimming, cycling, Crossfit, curling…

But, I know that none of those would make me feel the way I do when I’m running. It’s the hard that makes it great. That sense of accomplishment. That feeling of knowing that before many people have had their first cup of coffee, I’ve finished my workout. That feeling when I just ran ___ miles. When I had a high mileage week (even though I’m exhausted afterward). When I got a PR (even though my lungs felt like exploding). When I get a new distance goal (even though my head was filled with what ifs and my legs were dead).

There’s something about the pavement beneath my feet, the cadence that drums along in my head. The wind in my hair. The freedom of moving forward. Sometimes that cadence will be slow, feel heavy or even lopsided. Sometimes the wind will be a gust. And sometimes moving forward will feel like staying still.

But I still choose to run because I can.

I’m linking up with the Tuesday on the Run hosts PattyErika, and Marcia.

What do you think is the hardest part of running?

8 thoughts on “The Hard Is What Makes It Great”

  1. I love and agree with all this! I complain when it’s really cold and really hot. I get anxious when my runs don’t go well, and my mind tells me my race will suck, that I’m just not good, that I’m destined to fail. But, like you, I love having run X miles before everyone else even wakes up, I love the routine of getting to run almost daily, and I love being outside when I normally wouldn’t and truly get to experience all the seasons.


  2. I also run because I can. Even if indeed there are some things about it that are hard… is there anything in life worth having if it were easy ?


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