Weekly Wrap-up

Happy Pi Day

That’s right. It’s pi day. 3/14. I’m baking lots of pies. Yum.

First, for dinner, chicken pot pie.


For dessert, chocolate pie. IMG_0996

And apple. The ratio of sweet to savory pies has to be in favor of sweet, right?


This week’s workouts were soggy. Remember all that humidity that I swam through last Saturday on my long run? Well, the clouds opened, and it all came down as rain all. week. long. We had flash flooding in the area and quite a bit of wind, lightning and thunder. Another reason to have multiple pairs of shoes to run in during the week–gives them time to dry out and less likely to get blisters. Wet shoes…ew.

Tuesday’s speed workout was 1-mile intervals, but were made harder by a nasty 18-mph wind on one side of the track. The other side of the track? Quiet as a mouse. Weird.

Thursday’s tempo run was rainy and wet, and there was lightning at the end so we hightailed it back to our cars.

Saturday’s run was especially interesting. I had to run early to be back in time to get some things done early in the morning. There was lightning far in the distance while I was driving, but no thunder and the weather radar showed that the storm was 20 miles west and moving further away. No problem.

Once I started running, about midway through the run, the lightning got closer and then, a rumble of thunder. The problem was I was running where there were no immediate open buildings close by. I kept running, and the clouds opened up with a downpour. I finally got to some shelter and the storm passed quickly.

Do you know what to do if you’re ever caught running in a lightning storm? Until recently, I learned some things not to do.

If you can, avoid starting a run when there’s even a possibility of lightning. If you can hear thunder, that means it’s close enough to possibly strike.

Take cover inside a building, if possible. Or seek some other shelter.

Don’t crouch down in an open field. You’re not decreasing your chances of getting hit.

Do not stand under a tree. You can get indirectly hit if the tree is struck.

Your car can get struck by lightning while you are inside it. The rubber tires do not prevent it from happening. I know because it happened to my friend while she was driving! Blew the inside vents right off the car. Luckily, the chances of getting injured while you’re in the car are low because the current will travel through the metal in the car and into the ground. But, not without causing some serious damage.

Years ago, I read this intriguing memoir of a woman who was stuck by lightning and survived.

But, miraculously, some people are not that affected by getting struck by lightning. One runner managed to finish third in an ultra-race AFTER getting hit. Thank goodness, I’m an underachiever. 🙂

The best thing about that Saturday soggy run? The rainbow I saw afterward. It turned out to be a beautiful day.


Tuesday, I also found out that I got into the NYC Marathon lottery! I registered for the lottery because I thought I might as well try. My sister lives in NYC and it would be fun to have someone there to cheer. I knew my chances were very, very slim. Early that morning, I was feeling all the emotions.

5 am: It’s lottery day! Maybe I’ll get in.

6 am: There’s no way I’ll get in. There are so many people in the lottery. I have like a 10% chance. It’s not going to happen.

9 am: Checking the NYRR account. Refresh, refresh, refresh.

11 am: When do they let you know about whether you’re not in? I’ll Google it.

1 pm: Refresh, refresh, refresh. Nothing.

3 pm: Still nothing. Facebook people confirming that they had heard. Refresh, refresh, refresh. That’s ok. I didn’t really want to run it anyway. There has to be some other races I can run.

5 pm: Congratulations, Sonia! You’ve been accepted into the TCS NYC Marathon. Wait a second. What?!?! YAY! OMG. Gulp. That means, I have to run the NYC Marathon.


It was funny feeling all the feelings that day.  Now, I feel more like I can take on the challenge now.

Linking up with lovely hosts Holly from HoHo Runs and Tricia at MissSippiPiddlin for the weekly wrap-up!


7 thoughts on “Happy Pi Day”

  1. That’s so exciting about NYC!! That race (and seeing New York City, for that matter) is on my bucket list. Good job getting your track workout done. The high wind would definitely make for a tough workout – strange that it was only on one side of the track.


  2. It’s always so surprising to me to see a rainbow. Wow – congratulations on getting into NYC. I love the way you described your emotions that day! My kids made sure we celebrated Pi Day last year, but this year we forgot. No pies! Thanks for linking up with us Sonia.


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