Taco Friday…

When I ran races in Maryland and Pennsylvania, the usual post-race food was fruit, bagels, water, and chocolate milk. Since I started running in Texas, I’ve gotten accustomed to a yummy tradition of post-running tacos.

After long Saturday runs, my friends and I have a tradition of getting breakfast tacos. Luckily, there are no shortage of places to go here!


After race food? Tacos! I’ve gotten into the habit of judging a race by the tacos.

“How was the race?”

“It was ok. Pretty hilly. But, the tacos were awesome!”

No bagels around here. Races usually offer potato and egg, sausage and egg, or bacon and egg. Sometimes, they offer brisket and egg. Decisions, decisions. Even if you’re not hungry right after you finish a race, you must get a taco before they run out. Races also offer salsa and cheese so runners can make it even tastier. They also have fruit and sometimes the obligatory pastry.

Post-long run or post-race: my go to taco is bacon and egg. I. Love. Bacon. Because I usually don’t indulge during the week, it’s a nice end of the week–I just ran a lot of miles this week–I’m going to have a taco…or two…maybe three because this run was hard–reward. 🙂

Some places have fancier tacos with queso and veggies, but sometimes I also add condiments on my own at the salsa bar.


If I’m really rungry, I get one with brisket or barbacoa….for breakfast. Don’t judge.

That carries me through to dinner when I have…tacos.

IMG_0875 IMG_0876

Yea, it’s a rough life.



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