Wednesday Word

On Being Gracious

If a man be gracious and courteous to strangers, it shows he is a citizen of the world.I strive to be a gracious athlete in most circumstances, showing politeness and kindness in different ways.
When I’m struggling during a workout, and I see my friends smokin’ it, I say, “Great job!”
When I see someone struggling, I offer words of encouragement like, “Keep it up! Don’t give up!” or “You’re looking strong!”
When I’m running a race and faster runners pass me, I say “Good job!”
When I run by a police officer during a race, I say, “Thanks, Officer!”
When I see a cheerer out on the course who says something nice, I say “Thank you!” Or I give them a high-five.
When I pass a walker or a fellow runner on my run, even if I’m mid-conversation, I say “Good morning!” Or “Hi!”
When a car lets me pass as I’m approaching an intersection, I wave to the driver in gratitude.
Why do I insist on doing these things? I do it first and foremost because of my faith in God and believing that I need to treat others like I want to be treated. But, I also do it because I’m part of a larger community, not just of athletes, but of people who care about others as well as their chosen sport.
My friendliness or politeness is not always welcome. Many a good morning has gone unanswered. Many cars don’t yield and even speed up or veer closer to the shoulder when they see me.
But, I hope that with being gracious that graciousness will be returned, maybe not to me, but to someone else.
How are you gracious in your life and in running? 
And this happened yesterday…
Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.21.27 PM
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6 thoughts on “On Being Gracious”

  1. Ooooh, congrats on getting into NYC! If I did marathons, that is definitely the one I’d want to do!

    You’re right, we are totally on the same page with gracious.And yes, I do the smile, or head nod (whether or not it’s returned).

    I’ve had cars speed up, but thankfully, never had one purposely veer towards me. That must be scary!


    1. Thanks! I’m excited! I applied on a whim, never thinking I would get in because I know other friends who hadn’t in the past. I remember you writing that about not getting charged. I would say that’s a sign too.


  2. Whoohooo congrats on NYC!!!!

    treat others like I want to be treated…YES …YES…. YES!!!

    I have a really hard time when people are not king and gracious….I really don’t understand it because that is not who I am . I smile and say hello to everyone 😉


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