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Race Recap: Republic of Texas Half Marathon

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This week’s running was not the best. I was dragging throughout every run, for some reason. I didn’t get anywhere close to any of my paces (even my old paces) for my intervals or tempo run, which was discouraging, because my effort felt like I was going all out. I didn’t keep up with my core challenge either.

And, I had the Republic of Texas Run at the end of the week. When I signed up for the race months ago, I thought I could try to set a new PR at the half marathon, but after a mediocre week of running, I didn’t have high hopes.

The Republic of Texas Run is a kind of a new half marathon, but really a reboot of the Armadillo Dash Half Marathon that’s existed for a few years. Remember that ugly race shirt I talked about last week with the giant armadillo on the front? Yep, that was from the Armadillo Dash.

Fun fact: From 1836 to 1845, Texas was an independent nation before it became part of the Confederate States. Texas was the only state to enter the union as a sovereign nation.

The race management was the same, but the course was all new, and they had a quarter marathon and a 5K as well. They also had some new sponsors at the post-race party. The start and finish line were next to the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.


The post-race food was beer, pickle ice pops (who knew?? I didn’t try them), fruit and barbecued sausages that you could either get on a stick or rolled in a tortilla. Along with brisket, barbecued sausage is a delicacy in Texas. Yum!

I was able to hold a pretty good pace for a first half, but I had gone out too fast in the first two miles, so I paid for it in the end, and I slowed down a lot in the last three miles. My time wasn’t too bad, though, considering, just a minute slower than my fastest time. Somehow I managed to get 1st AG, and my husband got 2nd AG in his quarter marathon. I was really proud of him!


After a really, really wet week of rainy runs, this weekend brought some gorgeous weather.

On a bike ride with the kids, we stopped to visit with a family of turtles we usually see. It’s been fun to see the babies getting bigger. But, right after we stopped, we spotted this guy, just inches from the path I run on sometimes. Our area has four different poisonous snakes: copperheads, coral snakes, diamondback rattlesnake, and the water moccasin or cotton mouth. I believe this is a water moccasin.


And, because it’s Meatless Monday link-up, I’m sharing the delicious portobello mushroom lasagna I made based on Ina Garten’s amazing recipe. The recipe is great as is, definitely not low fat, but I changed her recipe to amp up some flavors. I diced a mix of crimini, portobello, and dried mushrooms (that had been soaked in hot water for about 20 minutes) and cooked them in olive oil instead of butter, then I added a teaspoon of fresh chopped rosemary and thyme. Instead of using whole milk, I used low fat. In addition to the parmesan cheese, I added a cup of grated gruyere.


Linking up with the wonderful Weekly Wrap-up hosts: Holly from HoHo Runs and Tricia at MissSippiPiddlin AND awesome hosts: Deborah of Confessions of a Mother Runner and Sarah of A Whisk and Two Wands for Meatless Monday link-up.


13 thoughts on “Race Recap: Republic of Texas Half Marathon”

  1. Sounds like you actually had a pretty good race! Sometimes the best races are after mediocre running.

    We once had a large rat snake in the house when we lived in Austin, but thankfully never saw anything poisonous. Scary!


      1. Well, rat snakes aren’t poisonous but they can be BIG — I never actually saw it, but my husband did, and I’ve never seen him close a cabinet door so quickly!

        We got someone out later, but it was long gone. He told us they’re good climbers & we probably had had them in the house all along, but just never met them before.

        We’ve had little snakes in. The cats have brought in baby snakes (I can deal with that) and once when we lived in VT we had one in the drywall in the basement (there was a small space between 2 pieces).


  2. Pickle pops — that’s something new! Congratulations on your race and 1st place award. And to your husband too! At least the armadillo isn’t very big on this shirt. I don’t start seeing the snakes in my neighborhood until the middle of summer, but I usually see quite a few. That one looks really big! Thanks for linking with us Sonia.


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