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Favorite Running Quotes

I just finished reading My Life on the Run by Bart Yasso. I enjoyed reading the book because Yasso is a natural storyteller. His life and racing past is adventurous and intriguing, but filled with a good dose of humor. My eyes bulged when I read the sentence below:

“Winning is a nice reward—don’t get me wrong—but glory isn’t the payoff. This may sound cliche, but the reward is living the lifestyle and embracing the journey.” (My emphasis added)

I couldn’t agree more with his statement! It’s one reason why I started this running blog: to chronicle and embrace the journey. Whether it’s a season in life, a stage in my career, a training season, a period of upheaval, there is a journey to acknowledge and appreciate. Sometimes it will stink, and sometimes it will be joyous. But, learning the lesson within that journey has been important to me and my faith.

Last year’s running of epic miles, record number of races, and new distances for me was a metaphor of life’s journey. It’s overwhelming at times. It’s challenging. It’s filled with self-doubt. It’s punctuated by moments of pride. It’s [very] hard sometimes and easier others. It’s exhausting at times. It’s energizing. There’s good (when I hit a PR), and there’s bad (when I had a strained calf muscle or when I wiped out on pavement three times in two weeks). The number of miles, races or accolades is not important. The journey is filled with lessons to learn and his quote reaffirmed that.


Here are some of my other favorite quotes about running. They’re inspiring, encouraging, and affirming about embracing the running journey.

“Most runners run not because they want to live longer, but because they want to live life to the fullest.”
Haruki Marukami, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running
“All you need is the courage to believe in yourself and put one foot in front of the other.”
Kathrine Switzer, The Spirit of the Marathon by Gail Waesche Kislevitz
“Most of us have enough areas in our lives where we have to meet others’ expectations. Let your running be about your own hopes and dreams.”
Meb KeflezighiMeb for Mortals
“But I also realize that winning doesn’t always mean getting first place; it means getting the best out of yourself.”
Meb KeflezighiRun to Overcome
“Running! If there’s any activity happier, more exhilarating, more nourishing to the imagination, I can’t think of what it might be. In running the mind flees with the body, the mysterious efflorescence of language seems to pulse in the brain, in rhythm with our feet and the swinging of our arms.”
Joyce Carol Oates


Do you have any favorite quotes about running?

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3 thoughts on “Favorite Running Quotes”

  1. I don’t have any favorite running quotes per say, but as soon as I see something inspiring, I write it down. One of my recent favorites is “My goal is to build a life I don’t need a vacation from”


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