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Wednesday’s Word, confident, had me singing the song, “Confident” by Demi Lovato, which is currently on my running playlist. Great song to get me moving! I love hearing my daughter belt it out in the backseat.
With certain aspects of running, I’m not as confident as I could be. With marathon training, I was constantly second guessing my training and workouts. Will I bonk? When will I hit the wall? How many times will I hit the wall? Will I break? Of course, I didn’t break, but that long training season certainly undermined my confidence like no other. But, sometimes when I have a race, I can often second guess whether I can PR or hit the goal I’ve set, even when my training has gone well. When I’m not feeling particularly confident, I tell myself that I’ll run my race, have fun, and do the best I can.
Lately, a little of my confidence has been shaken because, since the beginning of the year, running and training has been so different compared to last year. I’m in a different place just because I’m trying to recover after marathons and stay on top of little aches and pains that have been cropping up here and there. I keep comparing myself to this time last year, which was so different because I was doing the 2015 mileage challenge, but I really need to stop comparing! I’m still doing core workouts every day, and I’m confident that with continued running and diligence, things will eventually be ache-free again.
But, I’m confident in my:
  • Consistency with running (something I was not consistent with before).
  • Strength as a runner
  • Ability to tackle new goals—now that I’ve tackled some goals that I thought were impossible, I know that with planning and hard work, I can tackle more.

So I know that this brief period of having less confidence will pass. Just keep running!

Samuel Johnson
This week, I’m making a big step to leave the running club I joined when I first moved to Texas. I’ve learned a lot from the coaches about running, training, nutrition, and so much more, but I’ve learned even more on my own and from the other runners in the club. There’s an incredible sense of fellowship among people you run with. We cheer for each other, laugh at/with each other, and know how to have fun outside of running. There’s a healthy sense of competition balanced with accountability and encouragement. I’ve made some incredible friends through this club, but it’s time to move on and try something new with my training. Lucky for me, my running bestie and pace partner is also leaving, and we’re going to be running together. Because she’s smoking fast, I have someone to chase so maybe (MAYBE!) some day I can hit those faster paces. More than anything, we can still commiserate about anything (like Downton Abbey!) and everything (the parts that chafed on our last run!) and keep each other accountable on our runs. We’re devising a new training plan right now, but it would be great for us to have a new coach to follow a plan. Do you have a coach? if you have any recommendations, please send them!
So, despite going back to not having a coach, a concrete training plan, and a large group of runners to run with, I’m confident that this new chapter will be a great undertaking.
Linking up with Deb for Wednesday Word.
Deb Runs

14 thoughts on “Confident”

  1. I like like anything life goes through cycles and leaving a running club is normal. I did yoga for several years, then left the teacher, only to go back a few years later. Its normal I think, we can often hit plateaus. I am confident you will find something else right around the corner.

    I have never worked with a coach, but it definitely tempts me.


  2. I haven’t had a one on one coach, but I run with a group in the summers and did runnersconnect in the past. Most of the time I make up my own plan, for better or for worse.

    Even having never run a marathon, I hear you on the aches & pains, obviously!

    I’m kind of curious why you’re leaving your running group? You didn’t say.


      1. I didn’t actually, but I know lots of people who have.

        For me, they were just overly optimistic in what I could do. And when I couldn’t hit those paces, I felt discouraged. And when I shared that, my coach kept saying it was a confidence thing, and it wasn’t.

        I ran the most I had ever that year, and that made me feel bada$$, but in the end, I ended up injured and both my halfs that year were disappointing.

        But as I said, I know people who have had very good experiences with them, too, and they’ve also retooled things since then.


  3. I’m usually a pretty confident person, but my running this year is leaving me with some doubt as well. I’ve had two injuries since my first marathon back in Oct, and I’m trying to train for another one that is quickly approaching in May. However, I’m currently side lined due to an injury, so of course my confidence is flagging in my ability to recover and train enough to be ready. But I’m determined to get there!

    I use for training, and I love it. The knowledge and support has been invaluable to me through the last year of my training.


  4. I am so not confident as a runner only because I keep comparing myself to others….I know so not good.

    I am getting more confident but I often feel like I am just fumbling around with workouts and training plans.

    I don’t have a coach and can’t afford one at this time but I hope to get one soon.

    Good luck on your transition from your run group. Glad you still have someone to push you a bit and to hole you accountable.


  5. I am very confident as a runner, but I should be since I’ve been running for 44 years, and I’m a running coach. I’m not so confident when it comes to putting together outfits to wear. A two year old is far more confident than I am in that department!

    Thanks for linking up!


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