Favorite Race Medals

It’s hard for me to pick one race medal as my favorite because each one has a memory attached to it. I still love the medal hanger display my husband put up for me!



For now, I can say the last medals of 2015 were awesome. First, I got the 2015 miles in 2015 because that was a LOT of miles and hard work for me to do solo. My first marathon medal from BCS will always be special. The “5” is for the 5th year of the race. Each year keeps getting better and the race organizers really work to make runners happy. The Houston Marathon medal is also a special one because it was a fun race and, even though it was in January of this year, it wrapped up a long training season from the start of 2015.
The Texas 10 race medals are huge and have some distinctive landmark or other well-known aspect of the city that they’re held in.

What are your favorite medals?

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