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Race Shirts: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Race shirts are a nice memento of what I’ve accomplished. My race shirts have taken over my drawer, and I had to get rid of a lot recently. Men’s cut? Nope. So long it could pass for a dress? No way. Rough fabric? No.

These have made the cut.


Here are some of my favorites.

BCS 2014
We run this state? Yes, we do! 
BCS 2015
My first marathon. LOVE.
Houston 2016
This Houston Marathon is a flattering women’s cut. 
There aren’t that many black race shirts, and I get so many compliments on this one. I like the “Women Rock” caption.


Armadillo Dash

This giant armadillo takes up most of the shirt and on the back in 6 inch letters it says FINISHER. I’m not a fan of armadillos, but I’ve kept this shirt because the material is so soft and comfortable.


The Oktoberfest-themed post-race party was cute and this shirt is soft and comfy, but the design and slogan in German is a bit much for my taste. I was told it meant let’s do it again next year. Um, maybe.

and the UGLY

I love Under Armour clothing, and this shirt is from my hometown, so I’ve got a soft spot, but this color. Oi. Not a fan. BUT, it is a nice safety running shirt for the early mornings.

Got some fun shirts to share? Link-up with PattyErika, and Marcia for Tuesdays on the Run!



12 thoughts on “Race Shirts: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”

  1. The good ones are really cute! Women Rock is really nice (and true!). Yeah that Baltimore shirt is pretty bright, but you’d be easy to find if you got lost, lol! I love seeing what the different shirts will be for each races.


  2. That Armadillo shirt is awful! I have a few like that too! I do like the Women Rock shirt. I have received several black shirts. It’s RED that I am sorely lacking in. I got rid of 64 T-shirts by using them for a quilt. This way I got to preserve the memory.


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