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Little and Big Triumphs


Not usually a feeling I have as a runner on any given day. I’m happy to make it through a difficult workout. Today’s 1200 intervals? Not bad. I was off my pace a little, but I felt triumphant when all four were finished! Yeehaw!

I’ve been doing a yoga core challenge on Instagram with Ann @ Runners Love Yoga. Each day, she posts a video of the flow challenge, encouraging people to post pics of their poses to enter a giveaway. I’ve been wanting to do more yoga, and one of my runner friends encouraged me to do this challenge. It’s been really fun to keep each other accountable and funny to do some of the poses. I’m always surprised by what I can do. Ann makes them look so easy! This side plank flow particularly kicked my behind. Not feeling so triumphant because I almost face planted after the picture was taken! Ha!


I have had bigger triumphs. In December, when I finished my first sub-4 hour BCS marathon, I was downright giddy. For years, I had sworn that I would never run a marathon. I had no desire. Then, with the mileage challenge, I thought if ever I was going to do it, it made sense since I was already running so much. My friend, Scott, who’s normally much, much faster than me, was injured and ran slower with me. It was awesome to run with a friend because the crowd support on that cold, windy, rainy day was sparse during the last half of the race and great to share the race.


Five weeks later, after mediocre training over the holidays, I finished the Houston Marathon with another sub-4 finish, and I felt very triumphant. I struggled during every training run. Doubts, fears, and anxiety clouded my mind constantly, and I kept reminding myself that the marathon is as much a mental race as physical, sending me into further worry. I’ve never been so happy to finish a race. Luckily, I had the presence of mind to snap this selfie right after I crossed the finish line. I could barely walk but I could operate a smartphone!


While I was running the Houston Marathon, I saw several vision-impaired runners being led by guides and runners pushing wheelchairs. One runner pushing a young man in a wheelchair wore a shirt: my hero always finishes seconds before me! I was overwhelmed with emotion as I saw firsthand their courage, perseverance, and strength at having to overcome adversity and physical challenges to complete the race. They’re triumph, personified!

Have you felt triumphant in your running?

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7 thoughts on “Little and Big Triumphs”

  1. Lots of reasons indeed to feel triumphant. I am hoping to finish my first marathon in under 5 hours and not in agency 🙂 Congrats on your sub par, great accomplishment.


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