Tuesdays on the Run

Scenes from My Run

IMG_0768I start and finish my runs almost every day before the sun rises. Although it doesn’t make for good photography with my smartphone–I failed to capture a beautiful crescent moon the other morning–I’ve been fortunate to see some neat things:

  • My first of many shooting stars–I was so excited when I first saw it I actually shouted.
  • Many constellations and Venus twinkling across on navy blue sky.
  • A super moon–a giant golden orb hanging so low in the morning sky it seems to rest on the treetops.
  • A live armadillo scurrying next to my path, an opossum family foraging for food, skunks preparing to spray if I ventured too close, and other wildlife that have made for humorous adventures.

I feel blessed to run outside all year now without having to contend with bad weather like snow and ice anymore. Most of my workouts are on suburban roads, dotted with houses, schools, and shopping centers, etc. Twice a week, I run at a park with some friends.




I call this the grumpy troll bridge. During some of my shorter intervals I cross this bridge, my shoes pounding the wooden boards trying to gain on the person in front of me.


I’m joining the linkup with PattyErika, and Marcia for Tuesdays on the Run.


9 thoughts on “Scenes from My Run”

    1. I understand that you’re nervous. The hardest part is getting out there the first few times in the dark. My clothing, hat and gloves have some reflective strips on them. I’ve gotten an inexpensive reflective vest and a glow slap band from Amazon and Running Warehouse. its worth the small investment (usually less than $20 each). If you’re running alone, I recommend running with your phone as well. You can use the flashlight feature if you need to or just illuminate the screen once in a while if you see cars coming. Hope this helps!


      1. I have the BSeen slap band (it has a steady and pulsing mode). Some friends of mine have belts and vests that flash but they’ve told me they don’t stay in place. Good luck! I hope you get to enjoy a dark run soon!


  1. Running in the dark is dedication. I am training for my first marathon and run mornings twice a week. I am glad the days are getting longer because running in the dark every day would do me in !

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