Finding Time for Fitness

Day 8 of my 29-day core challenge–LOVE YOUR CORE–is going strong!

IMG_0756 IMG_0746 IMG_0716

I used to make excuses to not do things I don’t enjoy like core work. For example, I HATE the gym and would make every excuse to not go.

Have you ever caught yourself saying you’re busy, no matter what is going on in a certain day? Whatever the life situation, I don’t think there is one point in my life that I said I wasn’t “busy.” Because even if I didn’t have anything pressing to do, I would fill it with something.

Before I started running more regularly again in my 40s, I would run occasionally, but would make excuses for not running by filling in the word busy. This week has been so busy… I would run right now, but I’m busy doing…

So I stopped making excuses and starting getting up early again to run. I knew that was the only way I would get it done. If I don’t get my run in before 6 am, chances are it won’t happen.

The same could be said for core exercises. When I was training for a marathon, I would say that I really don’t have time to do much else. It’s true that long training runs and life can quickly eat up precious hours, but a 5-10 minutes a day of exercises is not hard. Along with this core challenge, some friends and I are doing the Instagram Runners Love Yoga Core Challenge until February 14.

This week, to mix it up, I’m doing some different core exercises.

Love your core-2


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