Wednesday Word

Heart = Core

Heart = the central part of something= core. As runners, no matter how fast or fit we are, we can be remarkably weak without cross training and strength training. I’m guilty of that!

One of my goals this year is to work on strengthening my core. Throughout my marathon training, I didn’t make as much time as I should have for core exercises. And I definitely wasn’t consistent. So any progress I made, quickly diminished. As I like to tell the kids, I have zero-pack abs.

February is the start of my 29-day core challenge. What better way to love your core than to make your abs burn?! One month of routinely doing the core exercises will hopefully be the start of doing these exercises more consistently.



Linkup with Deb for today’s Wednesday Word.

Deb Runs

13 thoughts on “Heart = Core”

  1. I always love Wednesday Word, because everyone has such different takes on it!

    And I would have never thought of going here. Core strength is so important! I have a 6 pack. We all have 6 packs! They’re just covered with a layer of fat (some of us have more than others, obviously).

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  2. I love it! Zero pack abs — guilty. The Love Your Core challenge is a very good idea! Thankfully, planking doesn’t take a lot of time and can easily fit into anyone’s day.


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