Tuesdays on the Run

Spring Race Plans

Fall and winter are really the optimal seasons to race here in Texas because it’s much cooler (some of the time).

My upcoming races are:

February 13: Girls Wanna Have Fun 5K. This is a fun small girls-only race where they have costumes for contests, chocolate fountains and strawberries, and other fun stuff. There are some really creative costumes, and one of these days, I might run in one.

February 27: Republic of Texas Half. This race is new and used to be the Armadillo Dash, which I ran last year. In addition to the new name, there’s a new course and new sponsor, so I’m looking forward to what other changes they have.

April 24: Diva Half in Galveston. I did this one last year, and the course was flat and scenic along the beach. It’s easy to have fun with a giant pink tutu around your waist and a tiara on your head.

I’d like to add some more races, but I’m still deciding what to do. What fun races do you have for the spring?

Today’s linkup–Tuesdays on the Run– is with PattyErika, and Marcia.


6 thoughts on “Spring Race Plans”

  1. Your upcoming races sound fun! Divas seem popular but I’ve never run it. I just don’t think I could run in a costume!


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