Race recap

Race Recap: Texas 10


Last week, I ramped up my mileage as well as days of running back to five. All easy miles, no speed work. It felt good to just run without the pressure of workouts. I ran 25 miles last week and walked another 10 miles because my youngest broke her ankle.

This is our mode of transportation to and from school.


On a completely unrelated note, earlier last month, (I can’t believe it’s February!!) my husband hung my medals that had been sitting in a precarious pile in my closet. The medals are a nice memento of all the races I’ve done in the past, but we needed a creative way to hang them up. The problem came in when my husband gave me the “Runner” medal hanger from Gone for a Run for my birthday several months ago and it became clear that it wasn’t going to be able hold any of the medals because of the weight. Some of these bad boys are heav-y! So, I took a cue from a friend of mine who had used a curtain rod to hang her medals and the web to pair the two. I bought an inexpensive curtain rod to better support the weight and used the Runner for decoration. What do you think? My husband says we’ll need more rods soon.


Yesterday, I ran my second race in January–part of the Texas 10 series– and the first race since the Houston Marathon. I was a little nervous about racing so soon, and I came down with a cold early in the week and didn’t get nearly the amount of rest I needed to feel better. Despite taking daily doses of Emergen-C and honey lemon tea, I felt worse every morning.

The Texas 10 is a 5- and 10-mile race throughout several towns in south Texas. There’s also a Florida 10. Anyway, Texas 10 College Station happened yesterday. This race has several cool things. During the year, they open up bonanza pricing when they have a few spots to register for the race at $10, $15, $20, $25, etc. for a couple of hours. Then, you can sign up for the regular price. I got in at $15 several months ago. Bonanza registrants are guaranteed a T-shirt and a visor or hat. Through these races, I got to try the Headsweats visors–they’re comfortable and they stay in place. I like running with a visor if it’s raining or sunny, so this is an added plus. Then, they have cool race medals based on every town.



The race is well-organized, and bonus, after you run, you put your bib number tab in for a raffle drawing for $50 bills (5 mile) and $100 (10 mile). I’ve never won the raffle, but a few times my friends have. I like to think I’m a winner too because I’m standing next to them when they win. 🙂

I had registered for the 10 miler months ago, but all week, I kept thinking I needed to switch to the 5 miler, so I did (and I’m so glad!). Race day started out in the low 60s and cloudy. It was pretty humid, but I was excited to race. I knew I wouldn’t go all out on this race because I’m just getting back into it, but I wanted to have a good run. My husband also ran the 5-mile (his first race in a couple of years), and my oldest son ran the 1 mile kids race. I was so proud because he ran so well! He loved his first official race medal, too.


The first mile felt great, and I was chatting with a friend about the race. I ran a 7:17 and felt pretty good, but soon the congestion in my lungs caught up with me, and I slowed down to a 7:55 by the last mile. I was so relieved I switched to the 5-miler because I was very happy to see the finish line after one loop.

Bonus, I placed first in my age group and third woman overall. My friend, Ashley, placed second in our age group.


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